Friday, February 29, 2008

That Was Myron Cope on Sports

Myron Cope, legendary sports journalist and broadcaster, long-time Steelers announcer and creator of the Terrible Towel, passed away on Wednesday. I knew that his health had been failing for some time now, but it's sad to know that he's gone. He was truly a Pittsburgh icon.

There is a really wonderful tribute article written by Gene Collier in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that you should take the time to read. Collier pretty much says it all when he describes Cope as "one of the last of the great sports characters, a genuine oasis in a sea of ever homogenizing media-ocrity." I remember watching many a Steeler game with the TV on mute, in favor of his radio commentary.

If you don't feel like reading, here's a brief video that will help explain why Cope was so unique and why Pittsburghers love him. I love Cope's simple assessment of himself as a broadcaster: "I just start talking and when they tell me to shut up, I shut up."


CDP said...

Very nice tribute! I still lived in Philadelphia when Richie Ashburn died, and it was a big deal, he was trememdously popular, and he didn't sound like anyone else.
I only learned recently what a Terrible Towel was. There's a local pizza place owned by a Pittsburgh family, and the place is decorated with Steelers memorabilia, including several TTs.

Historical Wit said...

Myron Cope was the man. I got my Terrible Towel hangin in my shop. Yeah Cope was one of the remaining links to those 70's teams that I remembered all these years. I can't really look at Terry Bradshaw the same way. Myron will be missed. I would link to Steelers games on my laptop to hear him, even when I couldn't get the game on the tube. Cope and gamecast are great together.


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