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American Idol 7 Results: 3/19/08

That's right baby, you smolder. Smolder.

Dear Judges, I'd like to extend my middle finger in your direction! All your complaints about Michael's performance this week did no good. America knows better. This man can sing. And even if he has a less than stellar night, who cares! Look at him. Who in their right mind would vote him off? What would be worth watching this season if he were gone?

Dearest Michael, I heard a rumor that you barely missed being in the Bottom 3 by a mere four votes. My four votes. I guess that means you owe me, eh mate? Now, you can joke that you "peaked" during Hollywood week, but I know there's a wild dingo inside you just dying to run free. And I'm peaking now, so I'd be happy to throw you a line. We can work it out.

Dear readers, I guess you want me to talk about what happened on the results show? Well, I was only really concerned for Michael. Once he was proclaimed safe, I didn't really care what happened. I wasn't even annoyed by the lackluster medley, the atrocious Ford commercial, or the guest performance by Kellie "Whut's A" Pickler. (Her song was enjoyable enough, but I still think someone needs to kick her in the ballzy or slap her in the face with a big ol' sal-mon.)

I guess I was a little bothered that, for the 2nd week in a row, I only correctly picked 2 of the Bottom 3 and was wrong about the ultimate cast-off. The Bottom 3 were Amanda, Kristy Lee and...Carly. Carly was something of a surprise, but I knew that she wasn't going anywhere. No, despite Vote for the Worst's best efforts, it was Amanda Overmyer who got the old heave-ho. American Idol is now Jamlessless. Ah well. I think she definitely deserved to go, but not before Kristy Lee, who squeaked by once again. So, even though my Bottom 3 picks have been a little off, it seems that my prediction that Kristy is the new Carmen Rasmusen is coming true.


Travis said...

I'm glad your guy remains safe.

SkylersDad said...

I was shocked at Carly being sent over to the uncomfortable stools! She is top 2 or 3 in this event.

The only thing worse than a poorly made music video is going behind the scenes of a poorly made music video...

Scott Booker said...

Michael who??? JUST KIDDING!! I actually threw a few votes his way the other night because I was a little worried for him as well.

I still like David Cook better...but dont hold it against me. Hold Michael against you!

And I was totally stunned when I saw Carly in the bottom 3. WOW!! And I voted for her as well.

Kristi Mantoni said...

Carly in the bottom three?!?! That had to be staged! TPTB just wanted to scare her and her fans. Watch out, they may do that with Michael next week! Just kidding! Don't kill me!! LOL

Sauntering Soul said...

I was super happy that Michael is safe too. But Kristy needs to go. Soon.

CDP said...

Kristy must be like that Hawaiian girl from the season when Fantasia won (that's the one I actually watched). Every week, I thought that SURELY, this was when she'd go, and she ended up staying til the final 3 or 4.

Mike said...

Ok,I am sure the sun is shining brighter in your world because Michael was spared by your generous votes.

But...even you have to admit. He giggles like a goof. Kinda weird.

But I am sure all the eye candy covers this personality flaw.

Yeah, I heard some travoltaish "let her in" type vocalising in Mr. Castro's errr "singing"

Angell said...

I thought the bottom three was bullsh*t.

Ramiele needed to be there, not Carly. I'm a huge Amanda fan, but I agree that she was Bottom 3 bound.

BUT, Kristy should have gone first. Amanda would have been damn entertaining on the tour. Kristy is about as exciting as watching .... well, a Ford music video.

Red said...

Kristy is like Joan Rivers. She just won't die!

I think Carly suffered from that old AI thing where people don't vote for her because they assume she's safe. I think she'll be fine from now on...well, until she's voted off the top 3.

Beth said...

He is the prettiest li'l ol' thing, isn't he? He supposedly lived here in Atlanta for a while. He must be short, or I would have found him.

Bluez said...

There is just something about David Cook I absolutely love. Can't explain it other than its almost as bad as you have it for Mr Johns.


what's a donzer said...

Yeah - he did live in Atlanta, but he had a different name - he was Michael Lee then, not Michael Johns. He was in a band called Film, and mygod did he ever provide many a drunken night at Smith's Old Bar of "throw some come hither looks at the amazingly hot lead singer and see if any of them lead to riding off happily ever after into the sunset." Sadly, none did, but it sure is nice to see him now gazing longingly at the public masses.

Ian said...

A caller to Vote For the Worst Radio last night suggested Carly was in the Bottom 3 because her fans were still hung over from St. Patrick's Day. I think it's either that or she just isn't connecting with the audience.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You had me worried there for a minute, I thought your Aussie got turfed. Just keep your voting finger limbre, I guess.

Falwless said...


Is she made of steel?

Bond said...

America is nutz....Kristy is so UGH

Gifted Typist said...

It must be Kristy Lee's blonde, small-town girl, middle-America look that gets the votes.
Glad Carly got bottomed out - too much confidence does not a good Idol contender make

Chancelucky said...

I think the speech did Carly in.

cube said...

I'm not happy that Amanda got the boot. Goshdarnit, she was different. She didn't run with the herd. She was one of a kind. You get the drift...

She should've at least made the top 10 so she could tour.

Bloody Awful Poetry said...

You know, i don't even care if Kristy stays, I just really really really realy want Ramiele to DIE.
My inexplicable hatred for her is only matched by my adoration of Simon Cowell. And Michael Johns. Put together.

BeckEye said...

Travis - Thanks. Me too!

Skylers Dad - They shake up the favorites every once in a while. I think it's staged.

Scott - Yeah, but it wasn't YOUR votes that kept him safe. So I get all the gratitude. All the hot, sweaty gratitude.

Kristi - Agreed. I don't think Michael will go anytime very soon, but he might end up in the Bottom soon. I will be very nervous, regardless.

SS - Yeah, but she's going to be the one who stays around way longer than she should. There's at least one every year.

CDP - Wait, you mean Jasmine Trias? She didn't hang on THAT long, did she?

Mike - He does giggle like a goof, but I like that. It's very endearing.

Angell - Well, Kristy bores me to tears, but Amanda hurts my ears.

Red - If Kristy looked like Joan Rivers, she wouldn't even have gotten a pass to Hollywood.

Beth - Yeah, some town called Buckhead. He doesn't look short. I think he might be the tallest of all the contestants.

Bluez - That's ok. You can love David. I can see the appeal. And I like him because he has that double chin that I and everyone in my family has. It doesn't matter how much we weigh, that excess chinnage is always there!

What's a Donzer - Oh, I love playing that game! I don't think I've ever seen a bar band singer quite THAT hot though. I must be going to the wrong bars.

Ian - Maybe they found out she was Protestant or something.

Barbara - No, no no. You would've been greeted with some serious profanity upon pulling up my blog, if that had been the case.

Falwless - I think she's made of sequins, which just kind of looks like shiny steel.

Bond - I've said it before and I'll say it again. America loves crap.

GT - They all take a turn in the hot seat.

Chancelucky - I know it annoyed me!

Cube - Different doesn't always mean good. And in Amanda's case, it means quite the opposite.

BAP - Wow, I never thought she was someone who would inspire so much hatred. I just hate spelling her name.


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