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Totally Rad Idol Wishlist

I'm assuming that this week's theme on American Idol will be '80s Night. Being a lover of all things '80s, I have to offer up my song choices for each contestant. I'm afraid, as was obvious with '60s and '70s week, that most of these kids are too young to remember all the really good stuff from the decade and will end up singing a bunch of crap. Well, if they all get bad critiques, I can sit on my couch and mutter, "They should've listened to me," under my breath.

The Guys

David Archuleta - "Boys of Summer," Don Henley. I could totally see this kid coasting on soul music and ballads, but I think he should try this. He can do the sultry, raspy thing and hit the high notes.
Jason Castro - "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me," Culture Club. Well, he's got the Boy George dreads! And I think this would work well with the guitar or without.
Chikezie - "At This Moment," Billy Vera and The Beaters. He might actually be able to pull this off. Maybe. All I know is that I'll kill him if he sings Stevie Wonder's "Part Time Lover."
David Cook - "Livin' on a Prayer," Bon Jovi. Remember when Jordin Sparks mangled this last year, and almost ran out of oxygen in the process? Yeah, I think David could make us forget about that.
David Hernandez - "Father Figure," George Michael. He's got that nice, soulful voice and he seems to think he's sexy. So, look at his butt! Look at it!!
Michael Johns - "Don't You (Forget About Me)," Simple Minds. EDIT: This was actually my 3rd choice, also offered up by one of my commenters, Fran. I had to change my previous pick, Mr. Big's "To Be With You," after pulling out my Mr. Big CD and realizing that it was from the early '90s, and not the late '80s like I thought. (Well, it's hardly my fault. That record may have been released in 1991, but it's got 1988 written all over it.) My first choice for Michael was "Beat's So Lonely" by Charlie Sexton, but since about 5 people remember that song, I doubt it would ever happen.
Luke Menard - "Hungry Eyes," Eric Carmen. Ah, why not? I like this song. This kid's gotta be going home after this week anyway.
Danny Noriega - "Chains of Love," Erasure. As funny as it would be to have Noriega sing "Panama," I actually like this kid and don't want to see him fail! He needs a more theatrical song like this to really show off his voice.

Note to all boys: Do not attempt Duran Duran, Prince or Guns 'N Roses.

The Gals

Kristy Lee Cook - "Somebody's Knocking." Terri Gibbs. This is one of my favorite underrated '80s tunes. It's more of a country song, which seems to be more Kristy's style.
Asia'h Epperson - "Only the Lonely," The Motels. Martha Davis has kind of a big voice, but it's not as big as Whitney Houston's, who I'm afraid she might try to take on. This is one of my favorite '80s songs and I think Asia'h could handle it well.
Kady Malloy - "Goodbye to You," Scandal. Yes, I love this song and yes, I'm afraid that she'd screw it up. However, I have heard promise in her voice. I think she just needs to relax and have fun to put on a good performance, and this is a damn fun song.
Ramiele Malubay - "We Got The Beat," The Go-Go's. She's just got the whole young, bubbly thing going on, so this would work.
Syesha Mercado - "How Will I Know," Whitney Houston. I know that someone is going to attempt Whitney, and Syesha is the best candidate to pull it off. I would rather her do something up-tempo like this than that insipid "Greatest Love of All."
Carly Smithson - "Lovergirl," Teena Marie. I think Carly is the only girl here who could make this song fun and believable. Plus, I'd love to hear it again!
Brooke White - "Tide is High," Blondie. I think this fits her personality well. I have a feeling she's going to go for Edie Brickell or something similar. Bah.
Jamless Joplin™ - "Private Dancer," Tina Turner. I mentioned this before. I'm not an Amanda fan, so I would at least like to be entertained. And her covering this song would be the most hilarious thing ever. (But how much do you wanna bet that she'll sing "Total Eclipse of the Heart," "Bette Davis Eyes," or "Edge of Seventeen?")

Note to all gals: Do not attempt Stevie Nicks. Especially you, Jamless.


Travis said...

I agree with you. Whatever they choose, let's hope its not Whitney or Stevie.

lisab said...

I love when you write about those 80s songs. I forget how many I loved like the Go-Go's, Blondie and George Michael. Someone here mentioned they don't watch American Idol because they just get the information from you. I'm the same way. I actually had a conversation today with some people about American Idol and knew what the hell they were talking about -- thanks to you!! And they think that Australian guy is hot too!

FranIAm said...

I know nothing about American Idol. Truly.

And I have almost no desire to change that.

That said, I am most appalled to realize that when I thought I had blogrolled you (maybe I can blame blogger???)I in fact, did not!

The horror, the shame.

To now be rectified.

Please return to your regularly scheduled posting!

fran said...

I LOVE your 80s song choices. That said, I have a few suggestions myself:

David Archuleta: "Take On Me", A-ha

Michael Johns: "Don't You Forget About Me", Simple Minds

David Hernandez: "Faith", George Michael

Danny Noriega: "Too Shy", Kajagoogoo

Ramiel Malubay: "Kids In America", Kym Wilde

Brooke White: "Trouble Me", 10,000 Maniacs

Carly Smithson: "Shadows Of The Night", Pat Benatar

Jamless Joplin: "Kiss Me Deadly", Lita Ford

BeckEye said...

Travis - Yeah, they've been done to death. Maybe they should be forced to cover one hit wonders!

LisaB - Thanks! I like being some people's only link to the show. Ha ha.

FranIAm - No worries. I'm not that much of a stickler for the reciprocal linkage.

Fran - I don't know if Archuleta could hit those crazy dog whistle notes! Your choice for Michael is actually my alternate choice, and now I'm changing it to my regular choice because I just discovered that I mis-remembered the '80s a little bit. Damn that Mr. Big for making great '80s music in the '90s.

I'm also worried that Jamless will try to cover Lita, if she doesn't go for Kim, Bonnie or Stevie. I don't think AI will let her sing the "didn't get laid" or "had a few beers, getting high" parts though!

CDP said...

Excellent choices! I might have to watch this week if it might be 80s night. Has anyone done Erasure in the past? I'd like to hear someone do "Heart of Stone".

Red said...

These picks are amazing. I hope they listen to you...especially Amanda.

FranIAm said...

Well it is now reciprocated. So there!

Travis said...

Oh yeah! Let's get a petition for a one hit wonder night.

Movie Maven said...

Erasure! Yes! Yes!

And you can bet Jamless Joplin's going to choose something ridonk in some manner.


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