Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just in Case You Haven't Had Enough of American Idol

Hey there. I've got something for ya. It's another blog. Yeah, you know you want it.

Although I haven't been blogging about it since the beginning, I've been watching American Idol ever since the mid-point of Season 1. (Was anyone blogging seven years ago, period? I don't remember.) I wrote some AI posts here and there throughout Seasons 4 & 5, and started doing regular recaps during Season 6. I thought it might be fun to compile all of those posts in a separate blog, so that they're easy for Idol fanatics and fans of pop cultural reminiscence to find. The blog is appropriately titled The Pop Eyedol and is linked in my sidebar. Consider it American Idol Rewind without Justin Guarini and those two sluts.

The site is currently updated to one year ago this week. I'll add posts each week to match up with where we are this season. I kept the design of the template pretty simple, because I can't be bothered trying to make it fancy. It's just there for posterity's sake.

**Update: As of 4/10/08, The Pop Eyedol is no more. After the highly suspect and extremely premature ousting of Michael Johns from AI, I didn't feel like maintaining a blog strictly devoted to that sham of a show.

Speaking of fancy designs, I'm deeply hurt that no one commented on my Ramiele-performing-at-Dollywood poster. I don't have Photoshop, people. I spent 25 minutes making that stupid thing in MS Paint. Sheesh.


Red said...

Ahhh. I loved your MS Paint project! Yeah for those of us without PhotoShop!

Falwless said...

hahaha, sorry. I loved it, I did. Until I went to the Dollywood site to buy tickets and realized you were lying.


Falwless said...

Kevin Covais' picture has me laughing for whatever reason. I'm easy.

Anonymous said...

Well damn I was gonna comment on that little project of yours. Cracked me right up!

Anonymous said...

Really, the paint project just left me speechless.

Bloody Awful Poetry said...

Oh gosh dude.The Dollywood poster.
I mean, seriously, WOW.
It's genius-ness truly defies words.
I'm sorry I didn't mention it in my comment for the previous post, but you know, I thought the amazingness of it would just speak for itself.
But really..WOW.I can't even use photoshop properly, so yes. I am genuinely impressed. =)

And here comes your impossibly long word verification code. *sighs*

CDP said...

I'm with Falwless. The only reason I didn't comment was because I was convinced that it was real. You're just that good.


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