Monday, June 23, 2008

I Guess That Last Post Should've Been Titled "Look Out Rydell High"

Dody Goodman (known for many things but she'll always be blubbering Blanche to me) just died.

New theory: this avalanche of celeb deaths hit soon after Coldplay released their album about Death and all his friends.

Chris Martin, you evil emo bastard, when you start messing with Grease actors, you mess with me. If anything happens to Michael Tucci, you might just find a box on your front step with Gwyneth's head in it.

Now I just had a really funny vision of Gwynnie's disembodied head saying, "I feel like a meatball in here." You people who aren't laughing at that...yeah, you really need to watch Grease a hundred more times or so.


X. Dell said...

I just saw that from the last post. At least Goodman lived 'til the ripe old age of 94.

But, as I said, this year seems particularly hazardous to the famous. If I were you, I'd try to delay my entry into celebrity blogger status until 2009.

Beth said...

Don't touchie the Tucci, Mr. Paltrow!

Beth said...

Wasn't it Michael Tucci, though? Or are you also protecting actors from Big Night?

BeckEye said...

Beth - Fuck, it was. I was typing that really fast with my boss skulking around behind me. Good eye. I'll fix it.

I don't know the Big Night reference. You should've used The Devil Wears Prada or ER.

evil-e said...

"You evil emo bastard"....right on

J.C. said...

Maybe they can name their next kid "seven"...ah-ha...a DOUBLE pop culture reference in ONE sentence!

As for the "Johnny Is That You" comment, that cracked me up! I was thinking it was "who is johnny" was the phrase in that movie!!

Mathdude said...

What is this "Grease" you speak of?

fran said...

The release of a new Coldplay album makes me want to die a little, too.

And you should watch Big Night.

Travis said...

I read about Dody today. I was the same way...I thought immediately of Blanche and the scene with the air raid drill.


She was a terrific comedic talent.

bloody awful poetry said...

No seriously. Why blame the Coldplay now, eh?

Dale said...

Blanche and Mary Hartman's mom. That's sad.


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