Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Name That Vid!

Many of you were a bit intimidated by my recent lyrics quiz, so I have a different game for you to play. It doesn't require you to remember any words, just images from all those wasted years spent zoning out in front of MTV, VH-1, Night Tracks, Friday Night Videos, or whatever other mindless music programming you kids could get your hands on. Of course, you will need to know some words in order to type the answers, so let's hope that videos haven't zombified you all completely.

I pretty much swiped the idea for this quiz from Malcolm, who probably swiped the idea at least partially from Remote Control. I love the idea of a screen cap quiz because there is virtually no way for people to Google the answers.

Below, you will find stills from 10 music videos. Your job is to guess the artist (1 pt) and song title (1 pt) that goes with each, making each "question" worth two points. The screen cap clues will get progressively harder as the quiz goes on. Submit your guesses to me via email so that everyone has a chance to play!

Since it's my favorite decade, all videos on this first quiz will be from the '80s!

(Click each photo for a better look!)



Falwless said...

This is a brilliant contest.

Falwless said...

One which I will no doubt lose in spectacular fashion.

Falwless said...

Hey whuh haps to me avatar? Someone steal it when I wasn't paying attention? Sob.

Malcolm said...

Remote Control didn't even enter my cranium at the time I created my first Name That Video quiz, but I appreciate you linking to me. :-)

When do you plan on posting the answers? I want to make sure I get mine in before the deadline.

evil-e said...

Too tough for me...never really did the videos as a kid.

Anonymous said...

GEEZE this is tough, can we get a little hint on these?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

So far, I've got NOTHING. I was never much of a video watcher. Shocking, I know.

Alice said...

effff. it's times like this that i curse my parents for only ever letting me watch pbs.

Beth said...

I never watched many vids, either, but I'll try.


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