Thursday, June 05, 2008

Swearing is Cool. So are Guns.

Actor Dennis Farina, best known for his tough-guy roles on TV's Law & Order and in movies like Midnight Run and Get Shorty*, was recently nailed with three misdemeanor weapons charges after trying to board a plane with a loaded gun last month.

Unlike other celebs who blame all their problems on other people, Farina said, "It is my own stupidity to find myself in this embarrassing situation." However, he quickly followed that up by turning to the arresting officer and shouting, "Fuck you, fuckball!" Then he shot everyone.

Dang. There really should be a Dennis Farina soundboard somewhere on the Internetz.

*He was also in that really awful movie, Striking Distance, with Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker. It only deserves mention because, not only was it filmed in Pittsburgh, but in the scene where Bruce and John Mahoney are driving in their squad car, they pass my Dad's house. Of course, right as they get to it, the camera is filming the front of the car, so you actually only see the hedges. But they're our hedges.


Splotchy said...

Would you say they were in striking distance of your hedges?

Mike said...

I just watched that horrible movie! I do remember the scene you speak of....and it was the best scene of the whole friggin thing!

pistols at dawn said...

We've all been there before - you pack your wife-killing bag instead of your vacation bag, and then, all of a sudden, the fuzz is all over you.

Red said...

The stars are just like us! or they are complete morons. One of those.

Anonymous said...

You Hollywood types - all name droppers :)

Grant Miller said...

I thought he was a cop, though?

evil-e said...

Hollywood, what don't they do wrong?

A Cleveland-Pittsburgh alliance...
I just figured out with this post, that you are from the Steel City. Damned Red Wings.

Dale said...

You're hedging your bets right now aren't you?

Artful Dodger said...

I love Dennis Farina. Why can't us mortals get away with having a gun in an airport as easy as celebs? Rats. j/k

bloody awful poetry said...

I am going to rent that movie right now. Let up a chance to see Beckeye's hedges? NEVER!

I hope that didn't come off sounding too wrong, or anything. Eh?

Happy Villain said...

Those were YOUR hedges?! OMG, I'm like freaking out because I thought those hedges were AWESOME in that movie! It's like Six Degrees of Famous Hedges!

fran said...

Dennis Farina gets my vote as best curser in movie history. No one is even close. Second is a tie between everyone that's ever been in a David Mamet movie.

"Sidney, sit down. Relax. Have a sandwich. Drink a glass of milk. Do some fucking thing."

David Amulet said...

Farina has done some good work on screen over the years, some decent performances as an actor.

And yet I will always remember one thing above all else from him: the line you cited.

"Fuck you, fuckball!"

Some Guy said...

I always like to acknowledge posts that make me laugh out loud. In fact, I was drinking some raspberry lemonade Crystal Light while reading this one and spit it all over my laptop.

So, you owe me a new computer.

CDP said...

You can see my aunt's house in a scene in Fallen (the movie about the devil, set in Philadelphia, with Denzel Washington and Embeth Davidtz). That is all. (oh, and Satan's a fuckball.)

cube said...

He's not a cop, but he plays one on TV. Sometimes the lines blur.

BeckEye said...

Splotchy - I would say that. I wish I had.

Mike - My hedges have more personality than Bruce Willis, for sure.

Pistols - Yeah, it's always best to kill the wife at home, and then go on a vacation.

Red - In some cases, both.

Suze - Yeah, but I used to come home from work and see the crew filming right down the street from my house, with a crowd standing around watching. I always thought, "hey maybe I'll go down there and check things out," but once I got home I just changed into grubby clothes and vegged out.

Grant - I think that story said he was a former cop. I guess he never turned in his gun.

Evil-E - I don't really follow hockey anymore. I used to, but I just can't be bothered. Just waiting for football season to start up again.

Dale - You so punny.

Dodger - I always take a gun when I fly, in case I see a monster on the wing trying to mess with the engines.

BAP - No. You didn't say anything about my bush so it's okay.

Sheesh, I keep forgetting how young you are. I have to be better.

HV - Ain't it cool?

Fran - Um, hello. Same movie, Joey Pants. Joey comes pretty close where cursing is concerned. Show some respect for my adopted F-bomber.

David - It's a fantastic line.

Some Guy - Raspberry Crystal Light?? What are you, a girl?? If Dennis Farina were here, he'd have plenty to say about that.

CDP - Oh, I love that movie! That's so much more awesome than "Within Striking Distance of Tired Clichés."

Cube - But I think he was a former cop. See earlier comment.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You have famous hedges! I've always hoped to meet someone with famous hedges.

FranIAm said...

Well at least it was your hedges and not your (whomp-whaaaa) your bushes.

I am still marvelling - almost dancing - and trust me I was in a super crap ass mood when I got here - I am alight with "fuck you fuckball."

My day is so made.

Distributorcap said...

dennis farina was also i a lousy bette midler but i can not remember the name

Kristi Mantoni said...

Striking Distance did suck...a lot.

Westcoast Walker said...

I always knew that he was the real deal. He inadvertently walked onto a set one day after finishing a hit and was seen as a "real natural".


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