Friday, July 25, 2008

I Love Gmail: Reason #1

I'm fairly new to Gmail, but after using it for a few months now, I can't imagine living without it. Best. Email service. Ever.

There are a multitude of reasons why I love Gmail, but the biggest one is this: it has provided me with the perfect conversation ender. Now when I'm having an argument or otherwise pointless discussion with someone, I no longer have to end it with fist-based responses* or the very lame eye roll/"Whatever, dude" combo. I can simply say, "This conversation has been moved to the trash."

Seriously. Try it. Then try it with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. Even better.

Of course, "shut up" is the still one of the oldest and most effective conversation enders around. After all these eons, no one's ever discovered a good comeback for it. The usual response is something like, "No, I'm not gonna shut up!" followed by total silence. So, if you're a traditionalist or a big fan of irony, you might want to stick with that instead of the Gmail thing.

*The phrase "fist-based responses" is the sole property of Pistols at Dawn, used here without permission. (But the fact that I have breasts gets me off the hook.)


Red said...

Gmail is amazing. Sometimes I wonder how I ever survived with stupid Yahoo.

poobomber said...

Every time you use Gmail an angel gets its wings.

And a baby dies.

Historical Wit said...

What up Beck. I am back, kind of. Gmail is the shinizzle. Love it. Peace girl

pistols at dawn said...

The breasts only get you off the hook when you send my attorney pictures of them.

My attorney is me, incidentally.

I've had a similar response thanks to late-90s emo rockers Knapsack, whose album This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now has served me well for years.

evil-e said...

I always enjoy "hurray, no spam here".

Travis said...

I've never tried gmail. I'm a yahoo guy.

Tony Spunk said...

Well I don't know about irony but Tony Spunk is a big fan of iron, like the iron that's in my pants for you baby. *Wink*

Dale said...

Hooks and breasts and Gmail! What went on here while I was gone? That's an awesome expression thought Pistols. And for the record, Beckeye's breasts are pretty awesome too.

BS Blogger said...

*LOL* It's all about the "G".

DrillerAA said...

A l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time ago I tried ending a conversation with my wife with "Shut up". That started a whole new conversation!!! I've never done it since.

Have a great vacation.


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