Thursday, August 21, 2008

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

During one of Malcolm's recent trivia quizzes over at Pop Culture Dish, I was mentally forced to replay every Def Leppard video in my head. (Go ahead, make a "torture" joke. Whatever. I like Def Leppard, so there.) I was amazed that I could still remember them all, although I do still seem to splice the videos for "Foolin'" and the remake of "Bringin' on the Heartbreak" together in my head. I guess because they're both great songs with fairly ridiculous "concepts."

Anyway, the video still in the quiz showed the band performing in what looked like someone's living room, so I immediately thought it was "Me & My Wine." However, since Joe Elliott was rockin' the Hysteria-era mullet, I knew that couldn't have been it since the video came out in 1984 (as a bonus track on the reissue of 1981's High 'n' Dry). But still, that got me thinking about this song and vid because I always liked it a lot when I was younger. I had kind of a weird crush on Joe, so I probably wouldn't have minded walking into my bathroom one day to find him screeching in the tub.

By the way, I didn't get the video question right. Malcolm is a big ol' cheater. Or, maybe he's not a cheater, but he's sneaky. He had to resort to using videos from across the pond to trip me up. Tsk tsk tsk.


words words words said...

I've seen Def Leppard three times and they're unabashedly one of my five favorite bands ever. Totally without irony, too. They were never given proper credit for being a great Queen/T.Rex style glam pop band because they got caught up in the hair metal thing, but they were great. Let those metal fingers fly, Beck!

Malcolm said...

That was a fun video! I wish that Def Leppard made more vids like that instead of the straight performance ones that they normally did.

Oh and by the way BeckEye, you need to quit lying to your readers. :-)
You and I both know that I don't have to pull out a video made for the U.K. market to stump you. The last time I checked, both the videos for Maxi Priest's "Close To You" and Elton John's "The Club At the End of the Street" got played in the States. Heh heh heh!!

evilesb138 said...

They were always on the "outskirts of metal" as far as I was concerned. They were OK at first "High and Dry" was a really good record (old man ref.) with not so many hits (which is always a good thing)

Tony Alva said...

Here's my rub with this vid...

I'll have to check, but I think Pete Willis was still the guitarist with Def Leppard during High-n-Dry (a most excellent record) yet the vid has douchey Phil Colon playing his parts. The first DL records blow away anything they've done since.

On my first trip to Atlanta, I went to meet an old friend at a bar down here who introduced me to bunch of guys in a band that were playing the club that night. As I shook the guitar players hand, he offered me this riddle, "What has nine arms and sucks?"

I laughed for alnight at that one...

Dr Zibbs said...

I think I heard DL 10,000 times my freshman year. Must say they're just OK.

Falwless said...

The only thing I could comprehend in that entire description was "Def Leppard."

And this, Your Honor, is why BeckEye has a pop culture blog and I do not.

Gifted Typist said...

I too loved DL.
Love your unabashed declarations

Molie said...

I also had a crush on Joe Elliott. I was upset when he changed his hair from the dark curly locks to his lighter mullet do, but quickly had a change of heart after seeing the Foolin' video.

pistols at dawn said...

Wow. The amount of gray matter you have devoted to Def Leppard frightens me a bit. I mean, a "Let's Get Rocked" reference would even be pushing it a bit, but in-depth knowledge of their videos? That's as weird as a one-armed man being arrested for spousal abuse.

Cormac Brown said...

You've been given an award and no, it's not for kicking my ass in "Scramble."


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