Thursday, August 28, 2008

These Are Totally the Answers to the '80s Music Quiz!

Thanks to all 12 of you for playing. Wussies. Whatever, all of you people who didn't play are going to kick yourselves after you see the incredible award I've created for the winner.

That winner is Malcolm, of Pop Culture Dish, who scored a 25 out of a possible 37. In 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, were Fran with 20 points, and Moxie with 16.

Malcolm, I now bestow upon you this gaudy, hastily Photoshopped award, in recognition of your trivial knowledge. Party on, dude.

And now, the answers....

Part I: Lyrics - Identify the song title and artist for each set of lyrics.
(2 pts each)

1. Babe you know you're growing up so fast/And mama's worrying that you won't last to say let's play - "Sister Christian," Night Ranger

2. Oh, sugar where you been/Hangin' out with your male friends/Listen, somebody's going to hurt you/The way you love to keep hurting me - "Oh Sheila," Ready For the World

3. 'Cause when I see you dancing with your friends/I can't help wondering where I stand - "Johnny Are You Queer," Josie Cotton

4. But just like the wounded and when it's too late/They'll remember, they'll surrender/Never a care for that people who hate/Underestimate me now - "Shot in the Dark, "Ozzy Osbourne

5. Can you imagine when this race is won/Turn our golden faces into the sun/Praising our leaders, we're getting in tune/The music's played by the madman - "Forever Young," Alphaville

Part II: Videos

Identify the song title and artist that corresponds to each video still.

(2 pts each)

*Click pictures to enlarge.
"Heaven," Warrant
"Union of the Snake,"
Duran Duran
"Keep Your Hands to Yourself,"
Georgia Satellites

"True Faith," New Order

"For Your Eyes Only,"
Sheena Easton

Part III: General Trivia
(1 pt each, unless otherwise noted)

1. What bespectacled new waver's birth name is Declan McManus?
A: Elvis Costello

2. What British band took their name from an unemployment benefits form?
A: UB40

3. In 1988, she became the youngest female artist to write, produce, and perform a #1 hit. Who is she? (Bonus point: name the hit.)
A: Debbie Gibson, "Foolish Beat"

4. Belinda Carlisle's video for "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" was directed by which Academy Award winning actress?
A: Diane Keaton

5. Name the successful solo artists who started out with the following bands:

a. Generation X - Billy Idol
b. Blue Angel - Cyndi Lauper
c. Shalamar - Jody Watley
d. Zoot - Rick Springfield
e. Piper - Billy Squier
(1 pt each, 5 pts total)

6. This mustachioed artist co-wrote and sang backup on Icehouse's 1987 hit, "Electric Blue." Who is he?
A: John Oates

7. Corey Glover of the band Living Colour had a small role in this 1986 movie that also featured a very young Johnny Depp. Name it.
A: Platoon

8. This songwriter co-wrote some of the biggest and baddest hits of the decade for artists like Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, KISS, Joan Jett, and, most notably, Bon Jovi, with whom he co-wrote the ultimate '80s anthem, "Livin' on a Prayer." Unfortunately, he's also partially responsible for late '90s crap like Ricky Martin's "Shake Your Bon Bon" and Sisqo's "Thong Song." Who is this guy and (no points for this part, sorry) what the hell is he thinking?
A: Desmond Child

9. Robert Palmer originally wanted his 1986 smash, "Addicted to Love," to be a duet with a well-known female singer. Although Palmer did record the song with her, his label demanded that he re-record her parts and release a solo version. That same year, she recorded a different duet that was not only a huge hit, but took home the 1987 Record of the Year Grammy - beating out fellow nominee "Addicted to Love!" Who is this female artist? (Bonus point: name the Grammy-winning song and duet partner. If you get the main question correct, there's no way you could miss the bonus!)
A: Chaka Khan; the other duet was "Higher Love" with Steve Winwood

10. Although Sandy Stewart plays keyboards on Stevie Nicks' single "Stand Back," the synth line was created and originally recorded by another musical icon. Who is he? (Bonus point: which of this icon's own hit songs inspired "Stand Back?")
A: Prince, "Little Red Corvette"


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Malcolm is a walking encyclopedia of Pop Trivia. Congrats, X.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing Desmond Child's name on EVERY liner note from the 80's. He was amazing. The people who wrote most of Cher's come-back stuff in the 80's was huge too but I can never remember who it is. She was also huge on Carlisle's Heaven album.


Falwless said...



Dr Zibbs said...

Is the answer "Bubble up?"

SkylersDad said...

You know what is sad, I didn't know a single answer!

words words words said...

Congrats to Malcolm. I will win one of these someday, dammit!

I'm mostly just glad that my total guess of Prince was right.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Surely I get a certificate of merit or something for my one right answer?

Malcolm said...

Thank you Beckeye for the award! Your Photoshop skills are without peer. Even though I know songs 2-5 in the lyrics section of the quiz, there's a better chance of a Smiths reunion than me ever being able to come up with the answers. Excellent quiz!

Also thanks to Barbara and W3 for the pat on the back. I had to dig deep into the crevices of certain parts of my brain to pull a couple of those answers out.

Gifted Typist said...

You mean there is no award for people who went to all the trouble to write in with only one correct answer?

pistols at dawn said...

I would have gotten like -4 on that quiz. So really, it would have been a lot like college.

Moxie said...

Woot! I made #3! Go me and my trivial self!


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