Thursday, December 18, 2008

Forgotten Classic Video(s) of the Week

I'm going to continue with my giving Christmas mood and post two vids today. The first is another from the good old days of MTV, but this one doesn't have Pee Wee Herman. Instead, you get John Lee Hooker dressed up like Santa. It'll do. Here is George Thorogood's "Rock 'N' Roll Christmas."

While watching this, I thought no one could top Alan Hunter's quintessential white '80s guy dance moves...until the dude at the 3:00 mark. Oh yeah.

I also laughed at the beginning when George told his sax player that he was having a rock 'n' roll Christmas, and the guy had to ask, "What's that?" I didn't realize that was so hard to figure out. But then I found this old gem by Gary Glitter, "Another Rock 'N' Roll Christmas." And, in the sax player's defense, I think Gary's definition might be a bit different than George's. When he sings, "You'll never guess what you've got from me," I can't help but think, "I bet I can! Kiddie porn!"

I'm sorry, that's wrong. Gary would never buy kiddie porn and then give it away.

Aaaaanyway, try to forget that this guy is a huge perv for about 3 minutes, because this really is a pretty groovy song.

Sorry that the quality of both of these videos is sub-par. That's the way it goes sometimes in this YouTube world of ours.


CDP said...

Ha! I don't remember that song, but you crack me up.

SkylersDad said...

A thought I had seen it all, Thorogood had a Christmas Special?!?

I'll bet it was -b-b-b-b-b-bad!

Alice said...

i baaaaaarely like the established christmas music... i am apparently not one for holiday cheer :-)

red said...

That first clip discounts any claim George had about being bad to the bone.

Dr Zibbs said...

Great call on the dance move. Especially when he's looking down and concentrating.

words words words said...

Anyone who can get John Lee Hooker to dress up as Santa in his video is a legend. George has always been awesome. Just the other day I was watching the Live Aid DVD and George brought Albert Collins onstage to do dueling solos on "Madison Blues". Tremendous.

coffeedrinkingwoman said...

your Gary Glitter comments have me cracking up.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Nothing says Christmas like a pervy pop star. I'll bet they never have any trouble convincing Gary Glitter to play Santa at the kids' Christmas parties.

genn6 said...

Thank youuuuuuu! I find most Christmas songs have very little musical credibility and are annoying as hell. But I "get" these two. Awesome.


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