Friday, January 23, 2009

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

Your weekly trip through my memory banks is making a stop at 1987 this time around. Despite being a pretty big hit, this song has, sadly, become rather obscure. But you'll probably remember it (and all of the lyrics) if you've ever loved an emotionally unavailable jerkoff. This is "Don't Shed a Tear" from Paul Carrack's album, One Good Reason.

Although this was Paul's only Top 10 solo hit, don't shed a tear for him. He had plenty of success with bands like Ace ("How Long") and the kind-of-lame Mike and the Mechanics ("The Living Years," "Silent Running", more kind-of-lame stuff).

Of course, most people remember Paul as the lead vocalist on Squeeze's "Tempted," a song that only hit #49 on the U.S. charts, yet remains the band's best known (and sometimes, depending on who you ask, ONLY known) song here in the States. Now, Paul has a fantastic voice, but he's no Glenn Tilbrook. As much as I like "Don't Shed a Tear," and his vocals in general, I've always been a bit miffed at the guy for taking all of Glenn's rightful glory. Especially since he only sang lead on a tiny handful of songs while with Squeeze and just happened to get lucky with the one that everyone remembers. I realize that this isn't Paul's fault, but I'm not above shooting the messenger (or another metaphor that might be more apt).

I guess what I've tried to say here (in my usual rambling fashion) is that I do like Paul Carrack very much, but every time I hear Glenn's meager two lines in the second verse of "Tempted," I wish that he had sung the whole thing.

I shouldn't shed many tears for Glenn Tilbrook though. After all, he got to meet me.


SkylersDad said...

I remembered it immediately after hearing the opening few chords.

And... Post title has been applied my dear, thanks for reminding me and my aging brain cells.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Glenn was always the lucky one. This clinches it!

Anonymous said...

I loved "the living years" the lyrics remind me of my Dad. I still can't listen to that song with out shedding a tear. Dude can still sing.

Fancy Schmancy said...

I think that maybe I was in a Greatful Dead haze during your impressionable years. I don't recognize a damn song you post! Oh well, still love reading your posts.

p.s. I wouldn't admit this to just anyone, but I'm starting to come around to your feelings about Kara... Don't tell anyone, k?

Mike said...

I remember that song well, and I also remember my emotionally unavailable girlfriend at the time. Interesting that we share similar dysfuntional relationships!

Johnny Gruber said...

You must admit, Paul Carrack's (with his group Ace) "How Long (Has This Been Going On)?" is a stellar song. Only the live version is on iTunes, which is a bummer.


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