Monday, February 02, 2009

In Lieu of The Forgotten Classic Video of the Week, Part II

This one's going out to a special bunch of guys...

Yeeeeah boy, I'll take the mic!

I know a team with 6 super bowl rings
In the NFL they are the kings
If you don't like the Steelers you're wickitty whack

Rap rap rap rap rapitty rap!

Suck on that, Bears Shuffling Crew!


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Anything that points out the shortcomings of the Chicago Bears is a-okay with me.

Even if it doesn't so much point out their shortcomings, making fun of them works for me.

red said...

Congrats, Becks.

Bubs said...

It's a great day for Yinzers all over the world isn't it? Once the Bears are eliminated I root for whatever team is from a rust belt city, and against dome teams or warm weather teams. Except if New Orleans ever made it, then I'd root for them.

Anyway, enjoy your moment!

Suze said...

Yeah for you Beckeye. The Eagles, like myself, watched it on tv...again.

words words words said...

Congrats to you, Beck! I'm glad that your team probably made the d-bag who jumped me cry. Well done!

Gifted Typist said...

I knew you'd be happy about this

Travis said...

Congrats! First to 6.

Evil Genius said...

I'm gonna dahn to Gian Iggle and buy nuff chipped ham, slaw, and fries to make the world's biggest Primanti sammich! Jeat yet?


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