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American Idol 8 Results: 4/1/09

I had a bunch of notes from tonight's show and was planning on doing a regular recap, but I had to scrap it. April Fool's Night belongs to Megan Joy.

Tonight's results show was one of the best Idol episodes ever. It put such a smile on my face that I'm not even that mad that my Anoop elimination prediction was wrong.

I should've figured something good was cooking this evening when - hold onto your hats - I actually kind of liked the group sing of "Don't Stop Believin'." Especially the beginning with Allison and Kris. The kids sounded pretty good, even if they were lip synching. If they were, and they probably were, it wasn't as obvious this time around. (The dance moves must have been choreographed by Sergeant Hulka, but whatever. The dancing always sucks.)

Everything after that was just filler until it was time for the M-Joy Show. The fun began when Megan was revealed as the first person heading to the Bottom 3. She let out a mighty CAW, flapped her arms, and "flew" over to the stools. I nearly fell off my chair laughing. (If you don't already know, she is the VFTW pick, and they have dubbed her their "Songbird." They frequently talk about the "Caw Caw" heard 'round the world - the exclamation point at the end of her version of "Rockin' Robin" a few weeks ago.)

From the instant she landed in the bottom 3, she made goofy faces that put Jason Castro's to shame (he was even in the audience tonight), and made it clear to everyone that this show was harshing her mellow and she no longer cared. When Ryan asked her what he thought about Simon's brutal critique on Wednesday's show, she matter-of-factly stated, "I love you Simon, but I really didn't care." Simon was stunned! He couldn't believe that there was someone in the world who didn't hang on his every word.

It's funny how the judges will tell contestants who get too upset over their comments that, "It's just an opinion," yet when someone like Megan lets it roll right off her back, they take it as some sort of disrespect. M-Joy wasn't rude about it at all. She was simply, as Cowell is so fond of saying, just being honest. She had a good time, sang the songs she wanted to sing, and didn't let the show turn her into something that she wasn't.

And that, friends, is why she's gone. I don't believe that she got the lowest number of votes. I think the producers realized that she was too strong-willed to ever be puppetized by them, so they got rid of her.

I'm not saying that Megan should've stayed around because she's a great singer. She's not. But she is different and certainly memorable, and has had some shining moments. In fact, I thought her final performance tonight was pretty adorable. She sounded much better than last night, probably because she was relaxed and didn't have to worry about impressing anyone.

When Anoop and Allison (the other bottom dwellers) were eventually sent back to safety, Megan told them, "Don't forget to caw." And they didn't forget...there were plenty of bird calls coming from the comfy couches. I'm sure the judges didn't appreciate it.

Before M-Joy had to "sing for her life," Cowell proved what a snotty little baby he really is by telling her that since she didn't care about his opinion, the judges didn't care about her and refused to even pretend that she had a chance of being saved by evaluating her performance. Jagoff. But maybe that's why her swan song was so much fun! She actually moved around instead of just doing that spastic shimmy-jerk. She looked relieved to be done with this, and even started crying when she gave a shout-out to her kid to let him know she was coming home.

Sigh. Her voice did drive me crazy, but I'm going to miss that nutty little bird. Cue the Cinderella music...don't know what you got, 'til it's goooone...

Thank God Adam is still around. But I swear to everything that is fierce that if AI pulls a Michael Johns shock-ouster with him, I will never watch this show again. (I know, I know, I'm making idle Idol threats again.)

Aside from Megan's awesomeness, there isn't much else to say about tonight's show. David Cook returned and sang a new song that wasn't very good. And during his short interview with Seacrest, he turned into Bob Bummer. Did AI suck all the life out of him or what?

Then there was Lady GaGa. I had to leave the room for that mess. If they wanted a drag queen to perform, they should've just asked Glambert to do it. I mean, that was just like a slap in the face.

(And no, kids, that pic to the right is NOT a Photoshop job.)

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Anonymous said...

I always look forward to your recaps, but I have to disagree here while still respecting your opinion.

I like Megan's voice, in small doses with the right song, but I think she acted like an idiot tonight. Instead of standing there smiling and looking as gawjus as she is, she acted foolish and wanted the others to act like jerks, too. My lingering affection for her evaporated. Very glad to see her go.

I love my DC, but I agree it wasn't the most fantabulous performance. It turns out this morning he cancelled two tour dates due to "family problems", which is very likely his brother Adam. So I just want to give him a hug.

Simon was smug, yes, but in response to Megan's not very smart reply to Ryan.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood.

Ian said...

I believe Megan was the lowest vote-getter. She was at the bottom of DialIdol, and other than VFTW I don't think many people really liked her. Your fans will save you from a trainwreck once, but they usually don't do it twice in a row. They probably dialed extra-hard to keep her out of the Bottom 3 last week and were too tired to do it again this week. I don't believe the show is fixed. Heavily-manipulated yes, but not fixed.

I agree that this was probably the best result show of the year. The group sing was good, we finally said goodbye to stupid Megan and even the Ford commercial was somewhat tolerable.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

WTF was all that bird crap about?
Megan looked absolutely rediculious and I'm sure offended more than a few fine feathered, winged viewers with her behavior.

Got to give her props for telling Simon how it is, though. And you are right, Simon was the king of snotty little babies with his response to Ryan's inquiry about the possibility of the judges save.

And I'm just GaGa over that Lady that performed!

Blanche said...

That zipper over her eye should have been on Lady Ga Ga's mouth. Not a fan. Glad Megan is finally gone.

Sass said...

I'm here from Soda and Candy.

So thankful for the recap, I missed Idol BOTH nights this week.

Damn kids got in the way...AGAIN. ;)

Kimizzy said...

I think Kimberly Caldwell sucked all the life out of David Cook. I don't think he's over it yet.

Anyhoodles, I liked Megan. I hate Gaga. He/she is riding on my every last nerve right now. Thee-sus.

My word ver is "BONIN"! Hahahahahahahaha.. Your blog is totally flirting with me.

J. Hi said...

I think it was the first time I really liked Megan. She showed some spunk while Simon whined.

Bond said...

How can that Lady Gaga be the #1 song in the USA...does the music industry suck that bad?

I loved that MJ was just free and happy last night...

David Cook's song seemed very long to me

red said...

Looks like I missed a doozy.

I don't get Lady GaGa either. Seriously, what's the deal with that?

dguzman said...

Not having watched the show (I just read your recaps for the TRUE AI experience), I'm torn between agreeing with you that Megan was awesome to stand up for herself and Anon's view that she was just being a beeyotch.

How 'bout I split the diff and just believe she was a being a fierce beeyotch? But not as fierce as Lady GaGa. Or Glambert. So she had to go.

HiTeach said...

Simon just showed AGAIN why he sucks. His behavior toward Megan was childish, to say the least. She did not say she did not care about the show..she only others have...she did not care what HE had to say. If the various contestants took everything sir Simon said to heart they would committ suicide. The "judges" ...Simon and Paula..with their tiresome behavior toward each other and the useless new fourth "judge' just keeps pulling this show further down on the entertainment factor. I guess it will come down to the "widower", the "blind guy" or the "gay blade" this year.

Cora said...

Lady Gaga scares the crap out of me. And I miss Megan already! *sniff*

CDP said...

Simon has become tiresome. Actually, that happened several years ago. I'm glad that someone stood up to him.

Fancy Schmancy said...

Now I almost wish I had watched it, almost.

Movie Maven said...

Sergeant Hulka = genius reference

Gifted Typist said...

I sort of miss Jason Castro. M-Joy ain't not Castro.
Will watch tonight on DVR with finger on FF. We have a contest to see if we can get through the results shows in 15 mins or less.

Anonymous said...

Megan left because she got the lowest number of votes-- to insinuate that there was some sort of executive conspiracy against her b/c she wouldn't bow to the Man is ridiculous.

She couldn't sing well. Even in the vein of eerie contemporary jazzesque odd-intonation singers, she simply wasn't that good. She overused vibrato to hide the fact that she can't hold a note for too long withou going out of key.

I have a feeling that she was "acting up" at the end there because she was kind of upset that she could never really impress the judges...the faces and everything were to mask her actual sadness.

If she didn't care that much, she wouldn't have been trying so hard to SHOW that she didn't care that much. Obviously hurt.

words words words said...

I actually have to disagree. I think Simon was being like that because he was frustrated that such an obviously incompetent singer and grating personality had hung around so many weeks past her expiration date.

And who the hell is this Lady GaGa? It looked like Liza Minnelli came from space to appear in the movie Xanadu.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I would kill for those boots.

Coaster Punchman said...

Oddly enough, I am going to miss Cork Me as well. I enjoyed the anticipation of seeing whatever debacle she might be cooking up next. But she was becoming a little too Sanjaya to stay in the competition.

Dale said...

You look different in shiny boots Beckeye. I liked Megan too and was surprised how everyone thought she was being so disrespectful. Thank you for being so cawton pickin' smart.

BeckEye said...

WWW: "I think Simon was being like that because he was frustrated that such an obviously incompetent singer and grating personality had hung around so many weeks past her expiration date."

My response to this would be...well who put her IN the competition to begin with? Simon and the gang! And Simon was one of her biggest supporters. They do this every year - put through someone (or a couple people) who are obviously only marginally talented so they can pick them apart for the TV audience's enjoyment. And it's not like they pick someone who seems good in the audition and then somehow forgets how to sing once they get to the Top 12. Megan was only halfway decent during her audition, and she sucked every other time, including the Wild Card show, where they chose her over Tatiana. They had many chances to pick someone who was more talented but they wanted to make good TV. So Simon can take his "irritation" and shove it up his arse.


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