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American Idol 8 Results: 4/15/09

Okay, okay, so I totally zonked out at, like, 8:00 last night and completely missed the results show. Don't try to make me feel bad about it.

Turns out, I missed something kind of interesting and rather surprising. Not surprising as in "Wow, that's really cool!" but surprising as in, "Wow, are they serious?"

Thankfully, I don't have to torture myself by watching the Ford commercial, the group sing, or stupid "musical" guest, Miley Cyrus. I'm just going to watch some of the clips on MJ's Big Blog and give you all some quick highlights. There aren't really that many.

  • The contestants went to the premiere of 17 Again. Yes, it was like a huge advertisement for the movie but OMG Zac Efron was in the audience!! Okay, so I totally have an old lady crush on him and I don't care who knows it. Especially since I just found out recently that he is, in fact, over 17 (he's drinking age, even) so I no longer feel like a pedophile when I look at him.

  • Jennifer Hudson made her triumphant return to the Idol stage and proved, once again, that she's ten times better than her season's winner, Screechtasia. According to MJ, this was a pre-taped segment. It must have been because the camera never showed the judges during her performance and they never talked to her afterwards. The four people at the judges' table were obviously seat fillers, because the real Paula would have been up doing the seal clap and be-bopping around like a moron, completely oblivious to the people behind her who can't see.

  • The group sing...okay, so I did "torture" myself by watching it. But only because I read that they sang "Maniac" from Flashdance and I figured it had to be hilarious. And it's a song about a Pittsburgh girl, so it's all good. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but that group sing was actually pretty enjoyable. I thought it would be a big cheesy mess, but everyone did really well with their solo parts. (Although I think Allison sang all the wrong words.) Every time they all sing together, it's a little doofy, but it seems like they've finally learned how to harmonize with each other. I mean, the song is from an '80s movie about a burlesque dancer/welder who wants to be a ballerina, so it should be at least a little cheesy. And it was just the right amount.

  • Ryan didn't separate everyone into two groups and force either Gokey or Glambert to decide which group was the Bottom 3, like he does every year. I guess Idol has finally figured out that it's a really annoying practice.
That's pretty much it for the highlights. Told you there weren't many.

My Bottom 3 was off by one - Anoop took Allison's place alongside Matt and Lil. However, my prediction for who would go home was completely wrong, as Matt found himself in the pesky position of having to sing for his life. Completely unjustified because, although Matt has turned in some crappy performances, he's also turned in some good ones and Lil hasn't been good since the semi-finals.

Matt sounded much better in his performance last night than on Tuesday's show, aside from a few of those crappy high notes. Paula and Kara were swaying like drunken fools to some other beat the entire time. Simon was sitting there next to them looking like every annoyed dad who was ever forced to take his tweens to see New Kids on the Block.

Since I'm late on this recap, you probably all know by now that the judges used their save on Matt. Watching it back, it felt SO pre-planned. From Seacrest poking and prodding Matt after his performance, excitedly asking, "Will they save you??" to the audience erupting into a "SAVE SAVE SAVE" chant to Kara and Paula acting like they were going to scratch Simon's eyes out if he didn't agree to use the save. And even though Simon told Giraud that he wasn't better than Tuesday night and had no chance of winning the competition, they saved him anyway.

I swear, I've never seen Seacrest that excited before. "IDOL HISTORY HAS BEEN MADE!!!" I hope someone checked his pants after the show.

Simon told everyone not to be so quick to congratulate Matt since two people have to go home next week week is....disco week. Well, that probably sucks for Matt, but I'm nearly pooping myself with excitement over the possibilities for Adam. It's another chance for him to try to get "It's Raining Men" by TPTB!

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Candy's daily Dandy said...

AHHHHHHH! WTF! I cannot believe they used the save on Matt!!

I guess they figure Adam and Allison are pretty much in the clear, but now they're screwed cuz the save option is ova! I swear Simon almost didn't give it to him, but you're right-it woulda been a free-for -all had he decided to put the pimp hand down on that one..

I thought Jennifer Hudson looked FAB!

Kristi Mantoni said...

"It's Raining Men" would be awesome!! I think the Disco Theme is just for Adam. I can't imagine that anyone else is even going to come close to his awesomeness on Disco. I'm hoping for cheesy costumes, afro wigs and lots of Hustle for the group sing.

J. Hi said...

I am still in shock that Lil didn't go home. Who is still voting for her?!

Not a big Matt fan but I kind of thought he shouldn't go before Lil. Next week should be interesting. But Disco? Why?!!

Adam is our only hope.

Wheredatalent said...

Lil was the vote for worst choice and that saved her, no doubt. Matt was TERRIBLE singing to "save himself" was embarrassing to watch and hear. What joke saving him. He and Lil will be sent packing next week, if there is any justice.

Bond said...

Next week when Gokey/Adam fail and the audience turns on them, Simon will be pounding Pawler's head on the table shouting 'we used the save on that loser and now we can't save Gokey/Adam

Now THAT would be classic TV!

I think Lil kills on Disco week...just saying

Blanche said...

Yup I have a feeling Lil may rise from the dead next week, then they'll be a surprise in the bottom 3 and they'll be no save...

Anonymous said...

I also shit myself when I'm excited.

Not really, but that's what I tell everyone. Why? Because I'm confident like that.

This recap made me LMFAO.

WV: trobbl (I think it's a premonition of Disco week.)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I don't have a clue what you just said, but you said it well.

Dale said...

You know someone was checking his pants after the show and he probably didn't even have to pay the guy this time! :-)

I thought saving Matt was ridiculous but no less ridiculous than the peals and squeals of laughter coming from me reading the recap on Television Without Pity. Lil had said something about not wanting to be 17 again and the recapper said "I guess because the sixties were tumultuous". Har har har.

words...words...words... said...

1. Using the save on Matt is one of the all time WTF moments.

2. Lil will kill next week and Matt will still go home.

3. Your new design is MFing awesome. Want to get a soda at the malt shop?

dguzman said...

Lovin' the retro look on the blog, Beckeye--you're so hip.

OMG, I PRAY that Glambert sings "It's Raining Men" as his coming-out moment! But with our luck, he'll sing "Night Fever" or something boring.

Coaster Punchman said...

This save was blasphemy of the vilest kind.

popsavant said...

Bah. I'm sorry, I can't participate in the Jennifer Hudson lovefest. I haven't seen her movie, so I can't comment on her Oscar, but on Idol she's been merely competent. Or she was, back when she was on the show... Wednesday's performance was just not good (partially because of the song.)

Maybe it seemed better than it was, though, since Miley truly sucked. (And I like one or two of her pieces of studio ear-candy.) But a live singer she ain't, to judge from the other night.

Simon's dead on about Lil.. she ought to be doing much better than she is. She's got the voice, but she is utterly, completely clueless when it comes to understanding how to come across on camera. If she had even half of Adam's knack for it, she'd be a force, but as it is...

Matt's time is nearly up, too. I guess there was no point at holding on to the save, though.

Anonymous said...

Kris Allen ruled with "Falling Slowly"..he is turning out to be a strong contender for the title.I think we'll see him at his best by the final four episode.


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