American Idol 8 Results: 4/29/09 (Part I)

Ohhh shiiiiiiit. I'm supposed to be recapping this, right? Well, I snagged free tickets to the Toxic Avenger musical tonight and I just got home. (Seriously. I'm not kidding. That's a real thing!) You all know that my DVR-less ass can't recap anything until someone posts some videos online. And since I haven't seen anything yet, my thoughts on tonight's show are gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

The most important thing is this: Madame Glambert is still with us. Saints be praised.


Anonymous said…
I missed it as I was watching "Lost" therefore, I was totally relying on YOU, beeyotch. The disappointment. I cannot convey it.

Also I forgot to tell you how much I dig-eth your new layout and all. I art such a fan =)
did you read my comment from last night on the previous post???

Oh my, oh my, I've got agita.
Dale said…
How could you miss the triumphant return of Taylor Hicks?!?! I fast forwarded through that part. You can tell Simon felt bad though as he gave him a standing ovation.
ok, so Beckeye, I'm SO NOT..

But I posted my own re-cap today. I had to..that shit that happened last night just wasn't funny.

You know what I'm sayin???
Fancy Schmancy said…
I watched, and was flipping out the whole time! Gotta go read Candy, now!
Tony Alva said…
First its 'Night Shift' and now 'Toxic Avenger'. Will you marry me? Would it help you say 'yes' if you knew I was in a movie with some of the Toxic Avenger folks and Grandpa Al Lewis called 'Frieght House'? I've got a DVR...
You and your free ticket snagging! I should hate you, but you are too cute.
Bond said…
Allison was incredible this week, as was Adam...

DOn't watch...seriuosky...the crap was flying all night "best 5 ever" "all stars already" "best lineup ever"

yadda yadda yadda

Matt got sent packing, Adam was in the bottom three - SHOCKER!!!!!

and Taylor was great - sorry Dale, you missed a good performance - even Simon stood and applauded him.