Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Space For Idol Recap

No, the world hasn't ended. I'm just super-tired.

Patience...I'll have your recap up sometime on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

That's ok. I'll watch the vids elsewhere.

Flannery Alden said...

Ugh, you might as well not bother...what a craptastic non-event that was.

Fancy Schmancy said...

But Becky, we neeeeed yoooouuu *whine*

Blanche said...

Hey I have people waiting on you! I guess the TV Guide's boring water cooler will have to do for now....rest up!

dguzman said...

Get some rest, and come back swingin'!

Tony Alva said...


What fucking were you watching? Shit, that was the best final three show in the series history really. I thought the the other non-Adam guys made it clear that they've got equally good chops. Shit, I'm still in shock that the song milktoasty dude did was a Kanya tune. That was most excellent. I'd say that after watching this stupid show since its inception, these are the three most talented and promising contestants they've had down to the wire. Yes, there have been good singers, but all three of these guys have the potential to make a decent record. I mean for fuck sake David Archaletto? Really? Who in the hell is going to buy or bought his record? Clay Aiken? Appealed to gay community for awhile, and got dropped like a rock by his label. He sucked.

I think what also sets these guys apart is that they're all either normal to hideous looking (Adam cough, cough). I’m sure the Milktoasty dude can pull down the babes, but the dolts that are phoning and texting votes will be voting on talent for the most part this year IMHO and for that alone I give this season mad props. The ‘new’ changes they made to the show in general were terrible, especially adding another judge, but they screened out better talent this year for sure. I’d say that all three of these guys have a good shot at making a chart topping pop record and maybe another beyond that.

BeckEye said...

Whew. Thank God, Anonymous. I was really worried about you.

Everyone else, calm down. THINGS WILL BE OKAY, I PROMISE!

Gifted Typist said...

Ohh, so you ARE human after all...

words...words...words... said...

No recap needed. Worst. Show. Ever. Everyone really tried hard to give their worst performances ever, including the judges, who were clearly on crack. Um...wow. I guess Kris "wins" the night with "Heartless".

popsavant said...

Hopefully tonight's loser will decide to go out with a little public service and club Kara into unconsciousness with the microphone. What started out for me as a mild dislike has turned into real loathing.

I thought Adam was off his game last night but obviously has the momentum. Kris' version of the Kanye some WAS better, but that's faint praise since Kanye can't sing a lick even with the autotune in full effect (now, rapping, that's a different story.) Danny was a solid "okay" ... good vocals on the last song, but it seemed directionless.

All in all, though, compared to most AI top three show standards, this was one for the museum of broadcasting.

Kristi Mantoni said...

*shaking head*
NO! Things are NOT alright! What am I suppose to do?!?! Did Beckeye agree with me?!?! Am I full of shit?!?!
*rocking back and forth*


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