Saturday, June 06, 2009

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

This week's vid was inspired by Bob from one of my new favorite blogs, Bottom of the Glass. (Bob is cool, but I have to admit that I'm more musically aligned with his co-blogger, Billy, who had me at Flesh for Lulu.) If you like great writing and good music, check it out.

When Bob mentioned guitarist Adrian Belew in a recent post, I immediately thought of the video for his song, "Oh Daddy," which I remember seeing on MTV quite a few times back at the tail end of the '80s. I always thought the song was so cute, and very David Byrnesque.

That was Belew's only brush with stardom in a long, still-chugging career. I never really knew anything about the guy, but apparently he'd played with legends like Talking Heads (no surprise), Frank Zappa, and David Bowie for years, before joining King Crimson and embarking on a solo career. He earned the respect of his peers and critics, but always managed to fly well under the public's radar. (Sounds almost like an avant garde version of John Hiatt.)


Anonymous said...

I loved this song. Guys in my band would scoff at you calling him "like" someone else. Evidently, he's one of the most proficient guitarists in the world. And ya, he's under the radar. From what I understand this song is NOTHING like what he can really do.

Some Guy said...

Yeah, I like this song, too. I had totally forgotten about it as well.

Billy said...

Wow. A shout-out from a seriously cool lady. Many thanks! Somehow I missed this video. I didn't realize it was possible to miss any videos back then. Thought I'd seen 'em all.

Loved your article on Glambert, by the way. As someone who has never seen an entire episode of AI (but was force-fed many YouTube clips of Glambert by numerous fans), your commentaries have been wonderful. But I'll always struggle with competitions that would ever choose Adam Lambert over Freddie Mercury, or Kris Allen over... Steve Earle?

What I mean is, I'd prefer the creative genius with a signature voice over the person who sings only what others write for them but sings it beautifully. Until American Idol can find a way to solve that dilemma, I don't feel like supporting it (although I've got no beef with those who do!).

words...words...words... said...

Adrian Belew is an amazing guitarist. I once saw a Bowie show on one of the tours where Belew was his guitarist, and the guy was awesome. I didn't know this song, but I love his solo song "Pretty Pink Rose", which I think Bowie sang on. I couldn't find it on YouTube though.

lulu said...

Belew is a God, and he's something of a hometown hero around Chicago, even though he's from Wisconsin. He plays at little clubs in town quite often.

(my word verification is ditypol)

dmarks said...

I know him as a singer in Mike Oldfield's band.


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