Saturday, September 19, 2009

Forever Our Girl

Did anyone watch Thursday night's VH1 Divas concert? I missed it (on purpose), mainly because I think VH1 is being a little too loose with the definition of "diva." Seriously, Miley Cyrus kind of negates the whole thing.

Anyway, I kind of wish I had seen it now because, evidently, host Paula Abdul was in top form. And by "top form" I mean "insane." Just the way we like her.

I can't find all the videos on YouTube, and I can't seem to embed the ones that are available, so go read the quick synopsis and see all the vids at Starpulse. (No, I didn't write this.) The first and last clips are the best - in the former, Paula imitates her AI replacement, Ellen DeGeneres, and in the last she almost twirls her drunk ass right off the stage during "Straight Up." Also, P-Ab calls Kathy Griffin a firecrotch in one segment. (That may very well be, but she's still never won my Firecrotch award.)

Unfortunately, all the vids have ads attached, but they're pretty short. And maybe you'll be lucky and get the Pearl Jam Target commercial! Speaking of, I have the new record and listened to it about three times so far. I will be posting a review soon. All I will say right now is that I'm not disappointed. Anyone surprised? Didn't think so.


Blasé said...

Paula did a great job of Ellen. I think this new gig will do better for Paula...imho

Peace and Love

Dale said...

I saw Paula as Ellen and as the twirling dervish, comedy gold! I'm so glad I don't get VH1 but that YouTube's always there for me.

Penny said...

I love Paula Abdul. Love her..

The Peach Tart said...

Paula rocked it that night.


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