Saturday, September 26, 2009

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

I definitely had to post something '80s today, since my roommates and I are having an '80s party tonight. (Sorry I couldn't invite you all, but I'm sure you'll be there in spirit.) Anyway, The Blow Monkeys' "Digging Your Scene" randomly popped into my head today. It's one of those tunes I never liked back in the day but have since grown to appreciate. I think part of the reason that I didn't like it was because of this video. That Dr. Robert is one freaky looking dude.

Apparently, this song is about AIDS, which never would have registered with the 13-year-old me, but seems fairly obvious now when listening to the lyrics. So, on that happy note, enjoy the video and your weekend!


Char said...

Party on!

LiLu said...

It's always time for something 80's!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Yay for parties with AIDS videos! You always have all the funnest parties.

Billy said...

The problem with the videos you pick is that I'm forced to acknowledge that I somehow sat for years in front of a gaddamn TV and watching gaddamn videos all gaddamn day and STILL didn't see all the gaddamn videos they played.

(Sorry for all the gaddamns... that's just a Monday morning thing.)

Penny said...


Malcolm said...

Thanks for the background on this song. It makes total sense now. I think a friend of mine had a crush on Dr. Robert during our college days. I'll have to shoot her an email to confirm.

Paul D. Brazill said...

Great song!


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