Friday, September 11, 2009

Project Runway 6: Episode 4

On Project Runway, a show that is constantly stressing the importance of innovation to its contestants, it's ironic that the show itself has been pretty lacking in that department. So far the designers have had to churn out a red carpet ensemble, maternity wear, and beach apparel - not exactly cutting-edge stuff.

Heidi Klum tried to play like this week's challenge was going to be much tougher when she told the remaining designers that Tim was in the workroom with 13 women who they needed to make "very happy." The designers wondered who these mystery women could be. Bridezillas? Pageant kids? Dominatrixes? The possibilities were endless! But then it just turned out to be their models. You know, the same girls they dress every week. Ho-hum.

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Dale said...

This series finally starts here tonight so the PVRs ready to roll. I see too that there's that Models of the Runway on after it. Worthwhile or no? I'll be going back and reading your recaps as I finally get to see the episodes.

I was going to YouTube them but then found that Australia has their own version and I got hooked on watching a fair bit of that. The accents just hit my ear in the perfect spot.

JanuskieZ said...

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Penny said...

I liked this one. I think I am really digging Christopher this year :)


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