Monday, September 07, 2009

Sonic Sunday...on Monday

I thought it was about time I revived the Sonic Sunday feature, and what better time to do that than on a Monday? Hey, today feels like a Sunday, so I don't think I'm too out of line.

Being that it's Labor Day, I originally thought about posting a playlist of work-related songs. But I don't want to be reminded of work while I'm trying to suck the last bits of leisurely joy out of this long weekend, so I've instead opted for an "End of Summer" mix. Yes, I know that summer isn't technically over yet, but it kind of feels like it already.

"The Boys of Summer," Don Henley - Nobody on the road/Nobody on the beach/I feel it in the air/The summer's out of reach

"Summer," Buffalo Tom - Summer's gone, can't wipe it off my hands/Write it in the sand, in the sand

"Summer Skin," Death Cab For Cutie - Then Labor Day came and went/And we shed what was left of our summer skin

"The Last Day of Summer," The Cure - But the last day of summer never felt so cold/The last day of summer never felt so old

"Footprints," Squeeze - Now the summer is over, I can count the cost/Footprints on the beaches are now footprints in the frost

"Stolen," Dashboard Confessional - We watch the season pull up its own stakes/And catch the last weekend of the last week

"All Summer Long," The Beach Boys - I cant see enough of you/Won't be long 'til summertime is through

"This Time of Year," Better Than Ezra - Well, there's a football in the air, across a leaf blown field/Yeah, there's your first car on the road, and the girl you'd steal

What are your favorite end-of-summer songs?


words...words...words... said...

I'm not a sentimental man, but "Boys Of Summer" gets me every time. And I don't even like Don Henley.

Cora said...

It's not exactly an end of summer song, but it's the best I can think of right now - "California Dreaming" by The Beach Boys. Luv it!!

Penny said...

Aww..I love BTE and Death Cab. Great List..I may make this on my ipod :)

Anonymous said...

The album that Buffalo Tom song is from is one of my favourites ever! I can't even THINK of an END of summer song. I just woke up. I can barely think, period.

red said...

That's a good list. I love Dashboard and don't care who knows it!!!

Billy said...

Beck, dahhhling, I swear to God if you and I were sitting in a subway, and somehow your iPod and my iPod got switched -- like some plot from "The Man Who Knew Too Much" or something -- it could be months before we realized it.

I have and love every single one of those songs. Except I couldn't have put together such a masterful list. Kudos, and dare I say your taste in music is exquisite! Don't change a thing!


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