Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today, I was presented with a very prestigious award by the lovely Carissa Jaded. This is one of my proudest moments — right up there with creating the (now defunct)American Idol songwriting contest (and getting no credit for it) and winning the Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Performance While Calling Off Sick. I'm now a recipient of the "Thank You For Blogging" Award.

As always, I would like to thank me for being so awesome and making this possible. We did it, me!!

Turns out this is one of those awards that you're supposed to "pay forward." According to the rules, I'm supposed to give this to at least four other bloggers I'm thankful for. Usually, I would wuss out and just give it to everyone on my blogroll. But, I thought I'd play along and give thanks for a few bloggers who I didn't know last Thanksgiving, and who I'm happy to have found.

You should all be reading the delightfully witty and TMI-ified Livit, Luvit if you're not already. And you probably are, judging by the 40 bajillion comments on every post. So why the hell am I pimping this? LiLu doesn't need my help.

Steam Me Up, Kid deserves this award for being hilarious (the recent post about visiting the proctologist might be the funniest thing I've read all year) and, more importantly, for starting the Becky Club for all of us incredible Beckys.

Mylittlebecky of i'll go eat worms is nuts, y'all. Like, seriously. I have no idea what the hell she is talking about most of the time. But for some reason, her stream-of-consciousness bizarro ranting makes me laugh. And, more importantly, she's in the Becky Club.

And finally, there's Penny over at The Winter of Our Discontent. Gotta love a girl who bakes killer cakes is obsessed with compiling musical lists.

Thank you ladies for blogging. Enjoy your bright orange award.

And thanks to all of my blogfriends for blogging. Mostly, thank you for inexplicably continuing to read my nonsense. I think Jon Bon Jovi said it best when he said, "Thank you for loving me." And that is the only time anyone has ever put that song and the word "best" in the same sentence. You're welcome, Jon. You're welcome.


Wings said...

Congrats to you, and Happy Thanksgiving!

LiLu said...

Ha. Thanks... I think?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well done, you! Muchly deserves.

Now go eat some turkey!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Becks...

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

Thank you!! I knew my butthole would be good for something one day.

And congrats to you as well.

words...words...words... said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I really hope somebody starts the "Thank You For Not Blogging" award. I would love that.

Penny said...

Hahahah...You are too cute.
"I would like to thank me". :)

I laughed out loud.

Thanks for the shout out! I am very thankful to have found you. I honestly don't know what I would do without you, now that I have found you!!
Hmm...that sounded intense..I should write a song along those effects..



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