Friday, December 04, 2009

Sunny Recap

Now that Project Runway is over, I'm only doing It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia recaps for Starpulse and, sadly, its season wraps up next week. But before you know it, it will be American Idol time! So, read about some quality TV while you still can...

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: "Mac and Charlie Write a Movie"

As if I wasn't already bummed out enough about the Sunny season coming to a close next week, they had to go and blast me with the best episode of the year last night, making the impending Sunny-less winter that much harder to take.

Things start with Mac and Charlie relaying a story to Dennis (who is too preoccupied with his new touch-screen phone to really care) about how they got trapped in a parking garage stairwell and thought they were being stalked by killer, who turned out to be a security guard instead. The guys decide to use what they think is a knack for storytelling to write a movie after Dee shows up and announces that she's going to be a "featured actress" in an M. Night Shyamalan film. When Frank asks, "What's an M. Night?" Charlie describes the filmmaker's signature twists like how, in The Sixth Sense, "that dude with the hairpiece was Bruce Willis the whole time."

Sensing an opportunity, Frank tries to convince Dee to take him on as her agent, but she rebuffs him with, "You are abusive and smell like warm meat." And that's not just an off-the-wall insult - Frank has actually taken to toting around greasy sausage links in his front shirt pocket. Coming from anyone else, that would be fairly repulsive, but we're talking about Frank here. This is one of the least disgusting things he's ever done.

Mac and Charlie start brainstorming ideas for their movie, and decide that they should follow the Hollywood trend of staging a comeback for a slumping, underrated actor. And who is the most underrated actor of all-time? Why, Dolph Lundgren, of course...Continue on to Starpulse for the full recap!


Ed Adams said...

Can't say I've ever watched this show.

But I typically only watch really good shit.

bearockr said...

Hey there Pop eye... I just found your blog from somewhere( I passed through a lotta blogs before this ! ), and I just couldn't surpass this one ! I loved your style, your posts, your writing's are just amazing, and really much interesting to read too.. I'll surely be back for more of your posts now ! Great Blogging ! Rock On!


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