Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out of Tune Idol Tuesday

Hey, gang. Sorry I've been kind of lazy over the last few days. I was enjoying the long weekend. I'll get back to blogging soon enough, but in the meantime, why don't you head on over to Jules' place and check out her Out of Tune Idol competition? I'm serving as one of the gluttons for punishment judges, along with several other witty ladies. If your favorite part of American Idol is when the judges point and laugh at mental defectives (aka "the first round of auditions"), you will love Out of Tune Idol. It's exactly what it sounds like...and so much less.


Who Does This Broad Think She Is?

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I am a winsome muse who was sent to Earth to inspire an artist to turn a vacant building into the world's coolest disco roller rink. We fell in love along the way, and I foolishly gave up my immortality. When the disco craze ended and all the roller rinks were shut down, that lazy bum wouldn't get a job. We broke up and I was stuck on Earth with nothing to do and no one to inspire. So, now I write a blog.

What Do Others Think of BeckEye?

"You're like an idiot savant of terrible garbage entertainment." - Falwless

"You're my hero." - Candy

"Get yourself a life. Better yet.....eff off." - Ann Onymous

"There's no one like you." - Klaus Meine