Friday, January 15, 2010

Project Runway Season 7 Begins!

How can we miss this show if it won't go away? Seriously, didn't it JUST end? Well, I guess Season 6 was kind of a dud, so they figured they better do something quick before everyone loses interest. Bringing it back to NYC (where it belongs) is certainly the first step in the right direction. Adding a goofy Asian chick, aging rocker dude and a big, glittery handful of fabulous gays, and then topping that potent mixture with a very pregnant Heidi are also keys to a winning recipe. Feels like old times.

Head over to Starpulse to read my Episode 1 recap and dish on the newest crop of designers. What did you think of Ping's pile-o-blankets? Could Anthony be any more faaaa-bu-louuuus? Is Seth Aaron kinda hot or just a guy sadly clinging to the last remnants of youth? Will Janeane break Ricky Lizalde's record for most tears shed in a single episode? Who will be the insufferable bitch of the season? Is this too many questions? Well, is it??


Travis said...

My Lady used to really enjoy this show. She liked the personalities more than the fashions. But then we lost track of it.

Maybe we'll have to try and pick it up again.

Ed Adams said...

We watched a season of that show. It was alright.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Project X was good.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Ya no.

I dont do "Project Runway"

Billy said...

Did you fall down the catwalk? What happened to my PopEye? ;-)

katrocket said...

I'm looking at that photo and I'm thinking "why would they make the only female wearing a short skirt sit on the fucking floor?"

Did Tyra Banks shoot that shit?

Alice said...

i FINALLY just watched the first ep. last night! i'm excited.. it already has a much better feel than last season. i am ready to LOVE IT. please, project runway, give me something i can love again...


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