Thursday, February 25, 2010

American Idol 9: 2/25/10 Eliminations

If this first elimination round is any indication, MY PREDICTION SKILLS THIS YEAR ARE THE WEAKEST EVER! Eegads, I'm starting off with a 25% accuracy rating.

I didn't actually watch the results show tonight, and now that I hear there was a cheesy group lip-sync of Estelle's "American Boy," I'm glad I didn't. Did the Ford commercials start already? No, don't tell me. I don't wanna know.

Apparently, I missed a couple of people who actually can sing — Allison Iraheta and our reigning Idol, Kris Allen.

VFTW got what they wanted: The Superfluous E and Little Timmy got to stay and assault our ears for at least another week. On the girls' side, Ashley (my one correct pick) and Janell were cut, while Tyler and Joe were the first boys to fall. I actually almost picked Joe, but in a group of such lame-o guys, it was hard to pick who was lamest.

I really didn't see Tyler's elimination coming, but I'm glad he's gone. Especially now that I hear he whined that the judges didn't give him "enough constructive criticism," and that any advice they did give was "too little, too late." Sooo, if someone had told him in Hollywood that he needed to stop sucking so badly, he would've pulled it together for a fabulous performance? Somehow, I doubt it.

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Ian said...

Joe was my one correct pick. Put 'er there, fellow one-for-four-er!

Idolhead Ed said...

I missed every damn one so you guys are better than me.

words...words...words... said...

I don't think I've heard of at least half the songs you've mentioned people singing. I think I'm either old or I have really good taste.

Jules said...

The two guys DEFINITELY needed to go....

Flannery Alden said...

I'm glad Tyler is gone...I feared he might go all the way with that bullshit 70's act. Maybe the voters have matured?

Mathdude said...

I went to your profile as a lazy way to get here and I was the 10,000th viewer of your profile! And that's not one of my bullshit stories. So what do I win (wow, 10,000 is a lot).

Just wanted to say the ol' Pop Eye is pretty good to help keep up with AI without TV the last 2 weeks.

Oh, and BTW, I'd like to retract everything I've ever said about wordver. Those fucking asshole spammers have gotten out of hand.

Tootsie said...

Allison Iraheta...Who told this broad she could sing? She was TERRIBLE!

J. Hi said...

I couldn't believe how bad the whole group of guys were. I haven't really seen anyone that wows me at all yet--girls included.

I was surprised about the boys to go. And pissed that we have to live through another week of Haeley.

Penny said...

I thought they were justified. Although I still don't like Bowersox..she bothers me.


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