Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Space For Idol Recap is being an asshole and not letting me have time to blog. But I will have a recap of last night's AI festivities later today.

Don't be too upset about the wait. Group day is usually my favorite part of Hollywood week, but this was probably the most boring group day I've ever witnessed. And with lame-o group names like Destiny's Wild, The Dreamers and Team Awesome, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised.

Also, I just discovered that the Top 24 have already been leaked to the press, so these preliminary round recaps may be pointless.


Kristi Mantoni said...

I didn't get to blog last night either. The blizzard kept my husband from from work and playing online poker instead. Oh well. Nothing much happened but they sure tried to make us THINK something happened. I wasn't blown away by anyone. Another thing, I love Lady Gaga but "Bad Romance"...really? Couldn't they pick a song that she actually sings on? It's one of my favorite songs of the moment but it doesn't really have any "vocal range".

Anonymous said...

You know what's pointless? Michael Jackson's nose! HUH?

Ed Adams said...

Dang that life.

Always getting in the way like that.

You know how you pay life back for being a bitch?

Razorblades to the wrists.

Or bleach and OJ cocktails.

Travis said...

It's only pointless if you read the leaks.

Penny said...

hahahaha I need to tune in but from your recaps it really seems like I'm not missing much :)

How is Ellen doing??


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