Thursday, February 04, 2010

Where Will Salemites Go For Donuts?

It made me a bit sad to hear that 95-year-old actress, Frances Reid, just passed away. I stopped watching Days of Our Lives several years ago (after Marlena supposedly killed everyone, but it wasn't really her and no one was really dead and things got really confusing), but up until that point I had been watching it for most of my life. I started watching before I was even old enough to understand half of the crap that went on. (I didn't even know what an "affair" was at that time.)

Anyway, for those who don't know, Frances was an original cast member, who played the show's iconic matriarch, Alice Horton, for 42 years. She was always good for some sage advice, a twinkle-eyed smile, custom-made Christmas ornaments and, course, those famous donuts.

I'll bet my Dad is having a shot of whiskey in Frances' honor. I got him hooked on Days about 20 years ago and, even though I gave up on it, he's still watching.

Rest in peace, Mrs. H!


Wings said...

I watched it when I was a teenager, and then again when I was older. Stopped around the same time you did. She was the heart of that show. Sad, but she lived quite a long life!

Wings said...

L.I.M., Mrs. Reid!

Travis said...

DOOL used to be the soap of choice at my house too. My sister and my mom watched it faithfully. They would record the whole week and watch it together on Sundays...except during football season when they would shift the schedule and watch on a weekday evening.

I got to know some of the goings-on just by osmosis.

Billy said...

In the world of acting, soaps are the blue collar, clock-punching, under-appreciated grunts, considered by some to be even less worthy of praise than the dudes struggling Off-Off-Off Broadway.

I might not go for soaps, but I admire the kind of work it involves. Because I've seen Tootsie.

CDP said...

General Hospital was my favorite soap back in the day...mostly because it started at 3 pm...we finished school at 2:40 so we usually were home early enough to see most of it.

SkylersDad said...

The life span of some of the soap opera actors is just amazing to me. They have the same person on a show for decades!

Anonymous said...

I loved Alice. Who is gonna show Tom's picture now at Christmas? Damn it Beckeye, you have me tearing up now thinking about the Horton Christmas!


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