Thursday, March 04, 2010

American Idol 9: 3/4/10 Results

I hope you people realize that I am not going to start watching the Idol results shows until they're on Wednesday nights. (And maybe then I'll only be watching with one eye and ear open.) FOX has unbelievable balls to think it can compete with NBC's Thursday night lineup. I mean, just tonight I was treated to Joel McHale playing pool in the nude, Amy Poehler being awesome as usual and Pam Beasley popping out a baby. (And I'm sure had 30 Rock been on, it would have been amazing as well.) So what, I'm supposed to bag that just to watch The Very Brady Super Terrific Elimination Hour? I think not. Even if I can watch the NBC shows later on demand, they're not worth putting off for this nonsense.

I did manage to catch the beginning of the "I Got A Feeling" group sing, which pretty much solidified my decision to not watch the show. Also aiding in my decision was the announcement that Danny "Smuggie" Gokey was to be the special musical guest. I really didn't need to see that. Let me guess: he wore stupid glasses, smirked a lot, sang an overwrought, cheesy song and nearly ran out of breath after every verse? Yeah. Been there, seen/heard that. Pass.

I flipped on the show a few times during the commercials just to check on who was being eliminated. I was feeling pretty good about myself when both of my male picks, John and Jermaine, were sent packing. The feeling didn't last too long though, since I was wrong on both counts when it came to the girls. Lacey and Didi live to bore me another day, while Michelle and Haeley fade off into obscurity. (Another of Idol's ethnic cleanses, it seems.) As much as it bums me out when my predictions are off, I'm glad to see Haeley go. Not only because she was terrible, but also because spelling her name correctly has been a constant struggle.

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Blanche said...

I had a DVR clusterf*ck too last night. I ended up clicking between the eliminations and Survivor, then watched Grey's in time for Project Runway then fell asleep to Celebrity Rehab. I'm exhausted.

Dave said...

I think America just doesn't like brown people. Or maybe America doens't like brown people who can't sing and/or make poor song choices.

I muted Gokey for his performance and the inordinate amount of talking he did afterwards. If I had been Seacrest and had to listen to him babble, I'd have punched him in the face.

Flannery Alden said...

I opted for Survivor and I couldn't find the cable remote, so I was spared all this. Don't make me choose between you and Survivor, AI; Survivor will always win.

It's unfortunate that the ethnic cleansing happened, but frankly, those four were very high up on the anoy-o-meter for me. Smiley lisps, onesie madness, and two cloying cloyers.

Falwless said...

I agreed with all eliminations this week, hands down. Next week? I really want to see Todrick and Tim Urban go home, as well as Lacey and _________. Sorry, I like all the other girls, I can't pick a second. I'm thinking it's gonna be Didi, even though there's really something about her that I love. She's been crap, though, and deserves the boot if she gets it.

You know who surprised me this week? Mullet boy. Wow. Great job, I thought.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You stick to your guns! Thursday is for The Office!

Jenna said...

That Joel McHale picture just made my week. I'm so psyched for the Hulu watching of Community tonight.

CDP said...

They're already wearing out their welcome, but the results show on Thursday is really too much. As usual, I haven't watched it at all yet...I start to follow it around mid-April.

Scott said...

I'll get interested like I always do when they get down to 4 or 5 remaining contestants.

words...words...words... said...

Abed got kicked off of "Community" in favor of White Abed. The ethnic cleanse continues unabated.

Penny said...

Glad for the vote offs. Except Michelle. I thought for sure she would have lasted longer. Not because of talent..just her looks. Everyone was drooling over her each night.

I don't blame you for not watching. I can't stomach results shows. I just wait for you to tell me who got the boot :)

Thank you love.

J. Hi said...

Ethnic cleansing--ha!!

I was surprised about Michelle and elated about Haeley.


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