Friday, March 19, 2010

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

I'm starting to run out of ideas here, people. Start sending me some requests!

This week's vid is from R.E.M., who is in no danger of being "forgotten," but I've always felt like "So. Central Rain," an early single from their 1984 sophomore album, Reckoning, has kind of been buried by more popular songs, despite it having been one of the band's highest charting singles (all the way to #85, woo-hoo!) prior to their big mainstream breakthrough in 1987.

Clearly, average to rabid R.E.M. fans will remember this one, but this is directed toward the casual listener, who may only remember "Radio Free Europe" and "Fall on Me" from the band's early days.


MJenks said...

Wasn't "Fall on Me" like three albums later?

BeckEye said...

It was two albums later, on "Life's Rich Pageant." By "early days," I'm talking everything before 1987, when they really hit it big.

Scope said...

Can't say I remember the video at all, nor that I'm a any kind of R.E.M. fan (not a hater, mind you, but nowhere near "fan").

That being said, I instantly knew the song, and am sure I've heard it on XRT sometime in the last month.

Cora said...

Ohhhhhh yeah, I remember that one. I had it on a mix tape I got from Callista in college! I'm pretty sure I've got the CD too, I just never listen to it. Hmm. Might be putting that puppy in the car today now that the song is stuck in my head. My kid will be thrilled. Sure.

Barbara said...

Hi Beck, remember when someone was stealing your writing and you found a way to oust the bastard? How did you do that? I think there was a site you used. I have a friend in need of that, can you help me out?


I feel like I know someone famous when I come to your blog :)

words...words...words... said...

I love this song, and almost everything from R.E.M.'s early days. Except "Fall On Me"...just had a quality I didn't like, I always skip it on the CD.

Billy said...

A Southern preppie naturally loves him some old school REM. Unlike most early adopters, Murmur was always the toughest album for me to enjoy, all the way up until... well, Up.

Lots of Southern-fried fans deserted them when they "sold out," as the saying goes, but I've never quite understood the line drawing between "increasingly popular" and "sold out."


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