Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You're On My Shit List, Random Airport Employee and/or Dog Walker

If you know me, you know that two of the things in this world I most adore are John Travolta and dogs. So, I was very upset to learn that John's dogs were killed last week in what the airport's spokespeople are calling a "freak accident. Apparently, some of John's family flew into Bangor International Airport (obviously via private jet) and when they got off the plane, someone took the two dogs for a walk on the tarmac. When a service truck was approached the airplane to service it, apparently the driver didn't see the dogs and struck and killed them both.

How does something like that even happen? How does the dog walker not get injured? How does the dog walker not see the truck coming and pull the dogs out of the way or warn the driver? Were the dogs not leashed? Was the driver not paying attention? Arrrgh, this just pisses me off. My poor Johnny. Poor doggies.

Of course, the strangest thing about all of this is the realization that I didn't even know what kind of dogs John Travolta had. How does that happen??

ETA: Well, at least there's some good news for John—he and Kelly Preston are having another baby! Wow, Kelly is preggers again at 47? I'm 10 years younger and convinced that my ovaries are all dried up, but who knows. Maybe there's hope for me yet.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's brutal. But you were right, it raises many questions. I smell a conspiracy.

Lady Chardonnay said...

Pregnant at 47? Good Lord, she's a Lifetime Television for Women movie. But good for them - they deserve some happiness.

Also, just had to do a little Glee squee! with you! Idina and Lea, weep weep!!! Your (evil) boyfriend Jonathan is the cutest little cutie. Our shared boy-toy Puck made me howl: "Is he dead?" Is it wrong that I've watched the video for "Run Johnny Run" possibly 15 times? Puck in a tank top... Puck's armpits... I am dying of love for that show.

red said...

Poor puppies :( And poor Travolta clan. They cannot catch a freaking break lately!

carissajaded said...

hmmmm I know you love the guy, but it all sounds a little bit suspicious to me... I keep hearing he's gay. Any truth to this?


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