Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eyes On The Horizon

"Eyes on the Horizon," Brendan Benson

OK, peeps. This blog has become a scrawny shadow of its former self over the last few months; I know that. But let's not dwell on my suckitude. Let's not look back. As we round the corner and head into the final lap of 2010, let's look ahead to all of the good stuff I (hopefully) have in store for you! If anything can pull me out of a blogging funk, it's making "Best Of" lists!!

All next month, I'll be talkin' 'bout what made 2010 the best year since 2009: The best stuff I've seen and done! The year's hottest hotties! The year's nottest notties! The firecrotchiest Firecrotches! The year's best music! The year's best TV shows! The year's best movies! Even though I've only seen, like, three! So what!! I'm on an exclamation point roll and I can't be stopped now!!!

Just a heads up: get your funny caps on, because tomorrow will be the final caption contest. And when I say "final," I don't just mean the last one of the year. I mean the last one, ever. Despite it coming in first place in my unscientific poll of your favorite Pop Eye features, the quantity (and, OK, I'll say it, quality) of the entries has decreased significantly. Plus, I'm just bored with it. So, let's take it out with a bang, shall we? And be quick about it because soon after the Firecrotch of the Month is crowned, we'll need to pick a Firecrotch of the Year. Since it's the final year, I'm planning on hand-stitching a special sash and flying Gary Collins in to sing the winner a special song. But, hey, you know show-biz. Those plans aren't set in stone.


The Vegetable Assassin said...

Wow. My final chance to suck?

No wait, that was stupid. As if.

Where the heck has 2010 gone? Didn't it just start? What the hell, man!

Billy said...

As Pearl Jam says, Do the Evolution, baby. (Just don't evolve into the ether, 'cuz we likes you here!)

Zed said...

If Gary Collins is involved, I'm in.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

No more Firecrotch contests? But I was so awesomely bad at it!

Best Of lists will help ease the pain.

Mnmom said...

Great, so NOW you end the captioning just as I find your blog. I'm sure you'll find something equally wonderful to replace it.

Heff said...

I'm sure you'll be firing on all cylinders again once American Idol starts its new season, lol.

Cora said...

Yeah, I'm with Heff. AI is starting up again soon. With. Steven. Tyler. As. A. Judge.

I think I've said enough.

cube said...

Just keep Gary away from the bar if you want the final gala to go well.

gennifer6 said...

Like "best of" lists, shows me what I've missed out on all year. I second Cora, you'll have fully-assessed the Tyler/Lopez gig beautifully.


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