Friday, December 10, 2010

Caption Crotch-test Contest #41: The Finale, Pt. II

Two amorous brown bears roll their eyes as they are reminded that Kardashians only date black bears.

And with that, Words Words Words puts my caption contest to bed. Thanks to all of you who suck at captioning, because I love reading your entries and calling you lamewads behind your backs. But mostly, thanks to those of you who brought the funny. May your crotchfires rage against the dying of the light, forever and ever amen.

This month's runners up are:

Because I'm so happy to see him again (and, of course, it's apt): "We were wondering what to do with those unsold copies of 'Kardashian Konfidential,' and Charmin's offer was too good to be true!" - The Imaginary Reviewer

Because there's gotta be a moral in there somewhere: The Charmin Bears discuss whether Kim's ass is too small, too big, or just right. - Words Words Words (yeah, him again)

Because I constantly need to be reminded of the Pope's faith: "Is The Pope Catholic? Do two bears tag team Kim Kardashian in the woods?" - Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Because I want to believe there really is a Whoreville: Embarrassingly, as he took the stage to present her with the key to the city, the mayor of Whoreville realized he had worn the same thing as Kim's date. - The Real Johnson

Coming soon: Cast your ballot for Firecrotch of the Year!


Cora said...

Well, obviously Words is Firecrotch of the Year. Hasn't he won like 90% of the contests????

And, see, that is the REAL reason I asked him for his autograph when we met; it had nothing to do with his film career at all, I just told him that so he wouldn't think I was flirting with him by admiring his firecrotch prowess.

Flannery Alden said...

I will miss this contest. And I'm proud to say I am a former Fire Crotch...tho, once a Fire Crotch, always a Fire I right?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

See? This is why I don't even try!

words...words...words... said...

I'm honored to turn out the lights on the last caption contest!

I would also like to nominate Cora for Flatterer Of The Year :p

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