Thursday, April 21, 2011

American Idol 10: 4/21/11 Results

Ehhhh, another results show. Seriously, folks, I just don't have it in me to do a full-fledged recap tonight. There was just too much brilliance on Community and Parks and Recreation. I'm spent.

So, let's tackle this good/bad/ugly style, shall we?

The Good
  • David Cook's return. Sure, he looks like a pineapple head (hmm, maybe he should cover that Crowded House song) but I've always liked him. Not enough to buy one of his albums, but I think I own a couple of songs. His new song, "The Last Goodbye" is catchy enough, but it sounds a lot like something else I can't put my finger on. Maybe everything else?
  • I went 2-3 with my Bottom 3 predictions and correctly guessed that Stefano was the one voted off. I won't pat myself too hard on the back since 97% of the Idol-watching public knew it, too. Apparently, the only person who wasn't prepared for it was James, who openly wept over losing his new BFF.
  • Stefano's sing-out. It was his best vocal of the season, and I was glad to hear his dance remix of "Lately" again.
The Bad
  • Haley, Lauren, Stefano and Jacob singing "Hey Soul Sister." And it really has little to do with that foursome; this would have made the "bad" list no matter who performed it. Go to hell, Train.
  • The Ford commercial, obviously. Oh, look, the Idolettes are saving the planet by lassoing clouds and emptying their canteens into dry river beds. How very Earth Day of them.
  • Haley landing in the Bottom 3 instead of Scotty, who really deserved to be there. (Hey, get me! I'm sticking up for Haley!)
  • Haley's outfit. Not sure why she followed up last night's cute red polka dot dress with some Hamptons tea party get-up.
  • The announcement that Bruno Mars will be on next week...because Stefano won't be around to do some sort of Patty Duke/identical cousins mirror routine.
The So Bad It's Good
  • Casey, Scotty and James singing "Viva La Vida." This was almost as funny as tonight's Community, but in a completely different way. Seriously, I haven't heard harmony that good since the time Tom Cruise and all his Navy buddies sang to Kelly McGillis in that bar. And the end was just spectacular. I'm not sure which was better: the synchronized pointing or the synchronized head-hanging.
The Ugly
  • Katy Perry's performance of "E.T." I tend to like Katy's stupid songs, but this one might be the worst thing I've heard in the last five years. Yes, it's even worse than anything Ke$ha's inflicted upon us. And was that Kanye West? Wearing some sort of dead animal? My mind wouldn't let my eyes believe what they were seeing because I couldn't imagine that egomaniac just showing up uncredited, but the Googles confirm that it was, in fact, everyone's favorite gay fish. I'm waiting for the inevitable Kanye tweet: THIS WAS A COMING OUT PARTY TO LET Y'ALL KNOW IMMA ALIEN FOR REAL. I AM NOT OF THIS EARTH AND THAT IS WHY I'M SUCH A GODDAMN GENIUS.

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Anonymous said...

this is a horrible blog. Delete it

Dale said...

Uh oh, did a Katy Perry fan drop by anonymously? I have to say, I'm bored to tears with these Idol kids. Wish they could have sent Jacob home at the same time. PVR time watching show - 12 minutes and that was still about 10 minutes too much.

Dave said...

To Anonymous:

You're a horrible person. Delete yourself.

BeckEye said...

Anon has a point. I mean, if the anonymous comments are any indication, this blog really HAS gone downhill. Remember when anons were angry enough to at least call me a whore? Ah, those were the days. *sigh*

Scope said...

The group sings were sad and awful.

And seriously, I think Stefano was ready to go. He knew it was coming, sooner rather than later, so didn't seem remotely upset about it. He's had his exposure. He's gonna go on tour. He's gonna get a CD. He's gonna get tons of tail.

I think Stefano is good.

tennysoneehemingway said...

Whaaaa? Kanye was on Idol and no one knew? What. The. Fuck? How has that not been around the interwebs for the past six weeks?

Cora said...

Scope's right, little, flirty, tail-chasing Stefano will be just fine.

Clearly your blog agrees because my captcha is "boote".

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Katy Perry gets on my LAST nerve.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Okay, that song looks terrible, but is there any cleavage? I can't tell from this angel . . ..


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