Thursday, April 28, 2011

American Idol 10: 4/28/11 Results

Well, folks, Casey Abrams is no longer with us. The judges may have saved him before, but Yukon's all out of miracles. His Bumble just didn't bounce this time around. Poor Yukon.

Once again, I'm going to do this results show recap good/bad/ugly style because A) I'm tired, B) the blogosphere is historically dead on Fridays so no one's going to care, and C) the results shows drain too much of my time and/or life force as it is.

The Good
  • Haley cursing out Jimmy Iovine. I wish she hadn't been bleeped because I would love to know what she said when Jimmy claimed that Haley "doesn't know who she is." I'd like to imagine it was something like, "BULLSHIT! Watch I don't cut your bald ass, BITCH."
  • Bruno Mars. I don't know, I just kind of like the guy. And I could kind of relate to the slacker anthem he was singing.
  • Casey's sing out of "I Put A Spell On You." Best sing out ever! He just sort of ran around, growled at people and kissed anyone who would let him, including Steven Tyler. Then he ended on "you're mine" while looking oh-so-deeply into Haley's eyes. Ah, smart boy...stoking the tabloid fires.
The Meh
  • Crystal Bowersox and her new teeth. I always feel uncomfortable watching former Idolettes who haven't found any post-show success perform on the AI stage again. Especially when the whole world kind of expected them to do well. Plus, her song was rather unspectacular.
The Bad
  • Even on Idol, we can't escape royal wedding mania. In a taped segment, the kids all went to the UK, which just makes me jealous. I was even more jealous after seeing that they got to meet Eric Idle and Fred Freakin' Willard.
  • The group sing, natch.
  • Ryan's stupid Idolette Q&A segment. No one wants to hear Casey name-drop obscure jazz musicians or learn that Scotty used to work in a grocery store. Oh God, I hope the judges don't start using that now as part of Scotty's "rags to riches story," like they did with Lee DeWyze, the lowly paint store clerk.
  • Jimmy Iovine's advice corner during the video performance recaps (read: just another time waster). If it was still the '70s and Jimmy was still signing acts like Bruce Springsteen, I would have some more respect for his input. But it's not and he's definitely not, so I don't.
The So Bad It's Good
  • Steven Tyler's outfit. He looked like the reanimated corpse of Joan Crawford sunbathing on a pirate ship. There's an odd yet very specific Halloween costume idea for you all. You're welcome.
  • Scotty's solo portion of the group number. He swayed in the pit of tween despair, while singing "Go Away Little Girl." Yep, they're really sticking to this whole Scotty-as-sex symbol and/or teen idol idea. It's hilarious.
The Ugly
  • The Ford commercial. Why did the producers allow the Idolettes to murder "Our House?" It's Madness! Madness, I say!

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tennysoneehemingway said...

Actually, Friday aint dead around here. It's nearly time to finish work, which is a great time to read new entries. Remember my lovely, you're not just pandering to America's time zone.

Dave said...

I'm just happy to be able to read any blogs since I expected the Event Which Shall Not Be Named to break the interweb.

Cora said...

I loved Casey's sing out too. That's what they all should do when they are kicked off, have fun with it instead of bawling and singing at the same time.

words...words...words... said...

My doppelganger got booted :( I will not let my complete ignorance of this season affect the anger I feel!

Fancy Schmancy said...

What do you mean Crystal Bowersox isn't doing well? She's in a diabetes commercial on the television! With BB King! Doesn't that put her up there with Aretha Franklin? Or is it Patti Labelle?


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