Friday, March 23, 2012

American Idol 11: 3/22/12 Results

Ugh, another results show. Let's do this Good/Bad/Ugly style, shall we?

The Good

  • I was out last night, so I got to watch the results show on my DVR and skip a lot of the bad/ugly!
  • Joe Perry showed up to lead everyone in singing "Happy Birthday" to Steven Tyler. I guess an appearance by Joe Perry is always welcome. He's one of those guys I've always found so ugly that he's somehow attractive.
  • The return of Haley Reinhart. I still can't believe I hated this girl when she started on Idol. I love her new song, "Free," and I hope that it does well. She performed in a giant cage while dressed up like some sort of devil woman. I can't say the styling really belongs in the "good" section, but she sounded great, so I'll let it slide. But why didn't Seacrest talk to her? Was that pre-taped?
  • Heejun was safe! I'm sorry, but I can't help but love that kid. When Jimmy mentions that Steven Tyler seemed pissed off last night because Heejun "disrespected" the show, he just kind of shrugged it off and said that he was just being himself, and is not trying to be a star. Kind of an amazing statement for someone who's on the "search for a superstar," no? I don't think he wants to be there anymore. He looked bummed out when it was revealed that he actually wasn't the one going home.
  • Erika's sing-out. She did "I Believe in You and Me" better than she did it the first time. More on this in a bit.

The Bad
  • The group sing, natch. I had to FF through it. Whoa oh oh oh, these very Brady numbers have sucked for the longest time.
  • Colton's outfit. He looked like a mummy who just woke up and started unwrapping himself.
  • Jimmy Iovine said that no one knew the Billy Joel song, "Vienna." Was he serious? Or by "no one" was he just talking about the all-important tween voters?
  • Erika got voted off instead of DeAndre. As I mentioned above, she killed her sing-out, but the judges already knew they weren't going to use their save on her. When Ryan asked them if they would, Randy just gave a very dismissive, "Naaaah... unfortunately... nah."
  • My predictions were way off this week. Not only did I pick the wrong eliminated contestant, but I only correctly picked 1 out of the Bottom 3.

The Ugly
  • Lana Del Rey performed. Seriously, how many more times do we have to hear this manufactured "indie" starlet drone on about video games through her 10-pound lips? I tried to give her one more chance, but could only deal with about three verses before I nearly went insane and had to hit the FF button. Haley can sing circles around that over-hyped mess.

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DrillerAA09 said...

My feelings exactly about Heejun. If you don't want to be a star, why are you here. I suspect he will get his wish very soon.
Haley's hair looked like it was styled by Dolly Parton and the whole thing looked like a strip club. The song was fine, the production was a mess.

Scope said...

Erika didn't really deserve to go home. I mean, she wasn't going to be allowed to win, but she certainly wasn't the worst of the evening.

By far.

But, the fact that she can say "As Seen On American Idol" on her DJ posters should really bump up her hourly rates.

And the save is reserved for: Hollie, Phillip "Phil" Phillips, Jessica, or Joshua. They are the chosen.

Cora said...

I hated Haley in the beginning of last season too and was sitting there through her new song wondering why I couldn't see how good she was! The girl is really good.

Did you see Casey in the audience? *snicker* Hmm, I wonder if Idol set that up!


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