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American Idol 11: 3/8/12 Results

The very Brady group performance. The soul-sucking Ford commercial. The Idol also-ran trying to pimp a doomed new album. What does it all mean? The AI results shows are back!

You know I've always hated those ridiculous Ford ads, but tonight's might have been the worst I've ever seen/heard. Well, the visual wasn't that terrible: the Top 13 contestants were made to look like giants wandering the streets of Los Angeles. (It's hard to be impressed by the special effects though, considering that two of the contestants—Jermaine Jones and Shannon Magrane—are actually giants in real life.) But the audio aspect was horrifying. I'm sure Peter Gabriel would like to beat those kids with a sledgehammer for turning his peppy, fun "Big Time" into a monotonous funeral dirge.

Padding the needlessly long (as ever) results show were two musical guests: the fabulous Mary J. Blige and last year's Idol runner-up, Lauren Alaina. Boy, Lauren's management team are really trying to package her as Carrie Underwood 2.0, what with the newly trim figure, tight clothes, and song lyrics with mild sexual innuendos. Yawn. Don't care.

As I mentioned yesterday, this week's judging was done a bit differently, with the judges deciding who they wanted to save between the girl and guy with the lowest votes. Since I wasn't sure if there was still going to be an overall Bottom 3, or a Bottom 3 for each gender, I only picked a Bottom 2. As it turns out, Seacrest did pick a Bottom 3 for each gender, which were:

B3 Girls - Elise Testone, Shannon Magrane and Erika Van Pelt
B3 Guys - Jermaine Jones, Jeremy Rosado and Joshua Ledet

However, Erika and Joshua were sent back to safety almost immediately, so it was more like a Bottom 2 for each group. Eventually, Shannon and Jermaine were also let off the hook, leaving Elise and Jeremy on the chopping block.

I predicted that it would be between Jeremy and Shannon, and that Jeremy would be going home, so I was only half right...but it was the most important half! Elise was saved and J.Lo tearfully (not really) bid adieu to her Jer-Bear. We also got to hear this year's kiss-off song, McCreeper's "Please Remember Me." Heh. Isn't that what all the ex-Idols beg?

No theme has been announced yet for the next competition night, but since Daughtry is scheduled to perform on next week's results show, I'm gonna guess the theme is generic stadium rock. Nothing would make Colton Dixon happier.

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Scope said...

Lauren Alaina's team has been working hard on her, but I think that big red poncho thing she was wearing was a bit of slight of hand that women have been known to pull to try to camouflage what they want to camouflage.

And what was the deal with her hair attacking her in the middle of the song. Speaking of the song, do you think she wrote it about Ryan, who she called, "Peaches" last season? (Daughter thought of that one.)

The best part of the show was when Seacrest released Erika and Joshua. Since he did it right before a commercial, without dragging things out, they both just sat there for a second, not really grasping it.

Cora said...

I agree with Scope. When Lauren's bangs jumped and attacked her face in the middle of her song it was so freaking funny!!

Elise looked pissed off the entire episode. But probably not as pissed off as Peter Gabriel was.

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

What about THe Voice? We want VOICE recaps! I actually watch that one, granted mostly for Adam Levine's hotness and to see what crazy ass hate Ms Aguilera will wear...

DrillerAA09 said...

"Please Remember Me", could be the ex-idol anthem.
At least they didn't make Jeremy sing the song that got him voted off as a farewell gesture.

dmarks said...

I'm going down to the dealer right now to get a 2012 Ford Soulsucker.


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