Friday, April 27, 2012

American Idol 11: 4/26/12 Results

American Idol dumped one more hopeful last night. Here's the good/bad/ugly of it all...

The Good
  • While I may have only guessed 1 of the Bottom 3, I got the one that mattered the most—Elise, who I correctly predicted would finally be sent packing after many false alarms.
  • Some of Jimmy Iovine's comments were fantastic, like when he said that the disembodied Jessica Sanch-heads scared him. He's not alone. I also loved when he said, "When the judges agree all the time, I fall asleep." Again, he's not alone. And I was glad to see that he hadn't been drinking the Phillip Kool-Aid. I guess he didn't have enough room after guzzling down all of Joshua's blend.
  • Although I'm not sure Katy Perry's pre-taped performance could be considered "good," she looks like the evil Zooey Deschanel so I always enjoy watching her.
The Bad
  • Season 10's Stefano (I guess he dropped the Langone) returned to the Idol stage to perform his new single, "I'm on a Roll." Yeah, he's on a roll with extra cheese. Is he even on a real label? Everything about this screamed Ark Music Factory.
  • Ford commercial, natch.
The Ugly
  • I can't believe the show opened with a Queen tribute band fronted by a chubby Freddie Mercury semi-lookalike, which was actually endorsed by Brian May and Roger Taylor. Tribute bands are one of the worst things, period. If I had to rank terrible things, tribute bands would go somewhere between pickles and Nazis clubbing baby seals.

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Cora said...

Yeah, but that Stefano song would be kickass on the treadmill. Cheese and all.

Scope said...

What the Fudgesicle is it with the pickle haters?

And I think Phillip should start planning his exit strategy. Hollie goes next week, and everyone connected with the show desperately wants a Joshua/Jessica final. And I think even Philip is smart enough to know that winning is the worst thing for him.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I like pickles, I like cover bands, and as for Nazis clubbing baby seals, yeah I can't get on board for that last one.

Anonymous said...

nice opinion. . thanks for sharing .


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