Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Idol 11: The Not Quite Magnificent Seven

Ok kids, so I started my recap last night, but lost interest after the stupid Photoshop. So before the results are announced, I'mma give you a half-assed post.

Here is how I would rank last night's performances:
1. Skylar
2. Joshua
3. Jessica
4. Colton (yeah, I can't believe it either)
5. Elise
6. Hollie
7. Phillip

The less said about the duets and trio, the better.

I predict that the Bottom 3 will be all girls—Skylar, Hollie and Elise—and Hollie is done. Let's see if I'm right...NOW!


Cora said...

I agree with all your predictions. If for some reason it isn't Hollie, it will be Elise--but I hope it's Phillip!!

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Hey babe! Sorry, I don't watch Idol anymore. Can u believe it??

Cora said...

Holy hell! We were WAY off.

The ONE week I forget to vote and the whole thing falls apart. Coincidence? Yes. But still spooky.

Scope said...

What a final 3!

And you knew the save was coming.


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