Monday, August 15, 2005

Eye Boogers

More of those oddly fascinating stories from the world of entertainment...

Bobby McFerrin has decided to take time off from touring. - Umm, ok. I think the majority of us thought you fell off of the face of the Earth in 1988, after "Don't Worry, Be Happy" wore out its welcome. But, whatever. Gee, we'll all miss you Bobby.

Demi and Ashton are trying to have a baby. - Demi, Demi, Demi. Why? You already have 3 (or is it 4?) kids. Your body is probably in the greatest shape of your life at 42. Why rock the boat? You've already got a boyfriend who's young enough to be your son, and there were no labor pains involved. Just sit back and bask in the glow of having it all. Well, with the minor exception of a viable movie career, but you had a good run, honey. Don't worry. Be happy.

Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly calls Jennifer Aniston "homely", then apologizes. - Jen was quoted as saying that the remark "ruined her night", after reading the article. Jen, have you seen Kimberly Stewart? I know no one likes to be called ugly, but I wouldn't be too upset if the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock said it.

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham admits she's never read a book. - We never doubted you for a minute, Vic.

Fiona Apple's new album is finally ready for release. - Yay! Fiona's back! It's only taken her 6 years to carefully smudge her black eyeliner and pretend she has something to say. The new record is sure to please those of you who are suffering from a pretentious bullshit deficiency in your musical lives.

Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie both have movies coming out this fall. - What is that I see on the horizon? It looks like four horsemen, but I can't quite make them out...


Masha said...

Oh god...i can't believe the day has come upon us when people like Nichole Richie and Paris Hilton are actually considered for movies AND act in them.
The world must be ending.

Anonymous said...

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BeckEye said...

I thought this site was about german coin ... guess not. I was going to mention that you can find out about german coin.

That is the best spam comment I've ever received. I'm still laughing! First of all, if this was a site about German coin, why would I need someone else to tell me about German coin? Secondly, now I'm curious as to whether a "BeckEye" is some type of German coin. I'm so money and I don't even know it. Third, what does any of that have to do with "Six Feet Under"? Is that show big in Germany, like "Baywatch"?

Edge said...

Wel, don't worry be happyBobby McFarin has been conducting symphonies for years since his one hit wonder song. He conducts and sings. Quite talented. The rest of them are all pouty babies.


The Moviequill said...

I just read how Demi likes to hang around the house naked with Ashton, go skinnydipping and take baths together... very important info

Teri said...

Oh shit! This whole post was freakin' hilarious!

Alice said...

i was giggling uncontrollably.. and then got to the fiona part and got all pouty and sat in a corner for a while. sniffle. i'm better now though. delicious blog :-)

Sangroncito said...

Poor Posh Spice. I'm Fed-Exing her a book today. Let's see...which one shall I send? War and Peace? Crime and Punishment? Or how about A Girl's Guide to Soccer?

pia said...

Loved the Bobby McFerrin comment; same with Demi and Ashton--though I have to say I never liked her--once read something where she (hadn't been ten years out of the trailer park then) said that $250,000 a year wasn't a lot of money--this was in the early 90's. It's still a lot of money. But I think she's a good role model in the older woman/younger man camp

Kimberly is Rod's daughter--give her a break!

I could do an entire post just answering your very clever answers. Great post for a hot summer day

Kunaxa said...

I think Paris Hilton is cool. Night vision cool that is, but nonetheless ...still cool.

I'm so money and I don't even know it.

"That's Hot"

JC said...

As far as Demi goes I say "you go girl." She actually lives in the town where my son lives and bruce has a small house there too. It does make me jealous that she can run around naked-I run from the mirror in the bathroom! Ah well, just saw a pic of her earlier on the blog "a socialites life" when she was eighteen and naked. This was waaaaayyy before the implants. With the exception of the breasts, she still looks the same. How does she do that?

Homer Jay said...

If Paris and Nicole have movies coming out, the Four Horsemen are not just visible on the horizon, they a stampeding enthusiastically over all of us.


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