Monday, January 29, 2007

Eye Boogers

Like the goop that's always accumulating in the corners of our eyes, the following news items are curiously fascinating:

Armed & Famous Gets The Chair - That this crappy show got axed after only four episodes is really neither fascinating nor surprising. I'm just including it here because I forgot to mention when it first aired that I kind of had the idea for this first. (Just like the American Idol songwriting show that may or may not be in the works.) My idea was obviously a ridiculous joke, yet some group of programming monkeys thought the premise would really work. I guess Armed & Famous is really a combination of two of my ideas: CSI: Hollywood and Law & Order: Former Child Stars Unit. You can check out my original post here.

Tyra's Finally Normal in The Real World, But Fat in Hers - Tyra Banks recently announced that she's beefed up a bit since her modeling heyday, when she weighed 130 pounds. She now weighs in at 161 and, according to the tabloids, that's roughly the size of a barn. It's pretty simple to look up an ideal weight chart online and, according to most sources, a normal weight for a 5'10" woman is between 140-170 lbs. So once again, the entertainment industry drives home the point that underfed and unhealthy is sexy, while normal and healthy is disgusting.

YouTube Shares The Wealth - Internet sensation YouTube just got a lot more sensational. Beginning later this year, the site will start sharing ad revenue with folks like you and me who contribute video content. You just know that all those idiots out there who post videos of their drunken cousins singing 'N Sync songs in their backyards and their friends re-enacting episodes of The Office truly believe that they'll never have to work again.

Sorry kids, this is a short edition of "Eye Boogers" this week. I'm in the middle of moving and only have time for a quick post. Bye bye, Jersey, I won't miss ya. Brooklyn, here I come.


Lee Ann said...

I was glad to see that about Tyra. Maybe she will have some influence on the young girls.
Have a great week Beck!

Writeprocrastinator said...

Good for Tyra and (expletive) the tabloids.

Do you remember this 3rd Bass song?

Congrats on getting out of Jersey, but you know that your hair is still going to smell of Jersey City for another six months...if it comes out at all.

LoraLoo said...

Hope the move went well!!

I am glad Tyra spoke up instead of sinking into the wallpaper. Good for her.


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