Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunjaya's New Movie

Hey, that Sunjaya kid doesn't need American Idol! I think I saw him in the trailer for this movie.

So, will any of you shell out the $10 to see Dead Silence? I'd like to dismiss it as just another cheesy horror flick, but the trailer gives me the heebie-jeebies. That's why I just posted the link (above) instead of the actual video. I don't want evil dummies on my blog. (The picture of Sunjaya might even have to go at some point.) Some people are afraid of clowns, some are afraid of ghosts...I'm afraid of dummies. So, uh, perhaps we should all stop calling them "dummies." That might be why they have such homicidal tendencies.


Happy Villain said...

I saw the trailer for that movie and thought about the people who are afraid of dummies, like me, and how this ups the scary ante from the movies Magic and Poltergeist. Tonight I went to see Zodiac with a friend and decided that I'm done with scary movies. I have no desire to feel unnecessary fear anymore. Why do people like to feel that terror? I just don't get it anymore. Am I getting old?

Les Becker said...

I love horror flicks, but I never have the nerve to see them in the theatre. I keep thinking I'm missing most of the fun... so this one might be the one I buy a ticket for.

tommybear said...

I tried to watch the clip but I couldn't find Sunjaya. Maybe I don't get it. Does it mean Sunjaya's just scary? Is there a look alike of him in the clip? I couldn't watch the whole thing.

BeckEye said...

Sorry if I confused you, tommybear...if you're new to my blog you probably missed my post comparing Sunjaya to a ventriloquist's dummy.


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