Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's a Britney Poll, Bitch

I'm sure you've all heard by now that Britney Spears will be opening the horror-fest commonly known as the MTV Video Music Awards. It should come as no surprise that Brit would be the star attraction on an awards show held in Las Vegas, home of legalized prostitution.

Since Britney's past VMA appearances have been nothing short of ass-tacular, everyone is wondering what she has in store this year. How can she top the sparkly flesh suit? The disgusting display of beastiality with that poor snake? The disgusting display of beastiality with Madonna? What do she and "collaborator," Criss Angel, have up their sleeves? All I know so far is that it's going to be something with a bunch of Mindfreaky smoke and mirrors, which, I guess, will make the lip synching less obvious.

The biggest question on everyone's minds is what will Britney be wearing?? I have a few ideas, but I thought I'd put it to y'all to help me figure it out. So, without further ado, here is the first-ever Pop Eye poll! (And when you're done with that, don't forget to get in on the Britney caption contest!)

If you're one of those people who always votes "other," feel free to other your little heart out in my comments.

By the way, Blogger must hate Mac users, because I can't use the poll function that I've seen other people use. I had to go to an outside source. This poll is brought to you by Quibblo, the number 2 and the letters V and D.


Skylers Dad said...

Criss Angel will pull his best trick yet by pulling Britney's career out of his ass.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

This is going to be a freak fest of monumental proportions. Almost worth watching.

Happy Villain said...

Thanks for making me almost pee my pants early on a Sunday morning with your Sesame Street closing.

Tanya Espanya said...

I don't get MTV, and the MTV Canada channel isn't showing them so I'll have to enjoy your recap instead. Don't fail me, baby.

Turnbaby said...

I think it's on at the same time as my BlogTalkRadio show so I'll have to wait for YouTube and your fab recap sugar.

And hey-I found a guy who's obviously as big of a Smithereens fan as you and I. He's an artist named Frank Royster and I am using his song "I'm So Glad" as my opener tonight.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

what the heck is wrong with Criss Angel?

I voted for number 2 :)

Zed said...

I've got Tivo scheduled to record it. I'm becoming more lame by the minute.

Dale said...

Luckily I clued Tanya in that another channel here is covering the Brit.

Was that a totally boring display or what?! I did like the part where it looked like the dancers were supposed to hoist her up and couldn't.


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