Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Forgotten Classic Video of the Week

To celebrate National Feel Your Boobies Week, this week's clips come from the lovely Olivia Newton-John. Not only was ONJ my childhood idol, but she is a breast cancer survivor!

I'm taking you back to Olivia's transitional and pre-physical. It was 1979, she was Totally Hot and looking for "A Little More Love."

There are two videos below, but they are both for the same song. The top one seems to be the "official" video and shows ONJ in the studio and on photo shoots for the Totally Hot album. I only remembered this vaguely. The second video is one that I recognized immediately. Even though it could pass for an official video, it's obviously a lip-synched performance from an unidentified TV program. I remember the outfit that she's wearing VIVIDLY. I was just in awe of how well Olivia rocked the matching headband that shone through the Markie Post hairdo.

ALML - Version 1

ALML - Version 2


Bubs said...

You know, Olivia Newton John is, like, the one female pop star from the late 70's I didn't have a crush on.

Zed said...

I would like to have liked ONJ. Honest. But it really helps to have a good singing voice when you're pushing yourself to the world as a professional singer. Or so I've been told.

Her hair was nice though! ... See? I'm always looking for the good in others. :)

Malcolm: said...

Excellent choice for the Forgotten Classic Vid of the Week... seriously. I remember seeing the commercial for the album "Totally Hot" back when it came out.

Of the two videos, I liked the 2nd one the best. ONJ was looking mighty hot in that one. I believe the clip is from her 1982 TV special "Olivia Newton-John: Let's Get Physical". By the way, that keyboardist looked like he was on something... or coming off of it.

Moxie said...

Malcolm's right about the 2nd video - I remember seeing it as part of that special, and watching it on VHS a million times over. I heart Olivia!

Anonymous said...

I only remember ONJ from the Physical years. Cool vid!

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Bond said...

I always wanted to feel her boobies....

X. Dell said...

Beckeye, you couldn't believe how much time I've spent, in the name of research, dissecting this woman's songs and her musical quirks.

This happens to be my favorite Newton-John song, but I've always had a hard time looking at her, for whatever odd reason. Still, it was fun to play the video, and scroll away from both images to listen.

twit said...

My God, that woman was hot!
(kinda reminds me of Courtney Cox)

Anyway; I think a video of you feeling your own boobies, would be helpful to those of us still not clear about the process.


Travis said...

I like the pink.

And Olivia is hawt.

Dale said...

I like the way she breezes into the studio almost late in the first clip and starts singing. In the second video, her daring turns to the camera were like high art and perfectly executed. The electric shocks the keyboard player kept getting were fun too. I always liked Olivia from way back when she was a country singer but loved this song too.

pistols at dawn said...

I dislike ONJ and her demands on knowing the state of my mellow-ness at all times. Ease up, woman!

BeckEye said...

Bubs - Why??

Zed - You are probably the only person I've ever heard question her singing ability. I may have to run you over with my rollerskates.

Malcolm - The guy who posted the 2nd video to YouTube said that the keyboardist looked like Jeff Foxworthy dressed like Simon LeBon, coked out of his mind. Pretty accurate, I think! Well, Simon had a bit better fashion sense.

Moxie - I'd probably seen that special too, I just don't remember it that well. I do remember that video though, and the outfit especially.

Anonymous - ONJ's teeth are white enough, methinks.

Bond - I'll bet!

X.Dell - She's beautiful! You and Bubs need some kind of support group or something.

Twit - I guess I can see the Courteney Cox resemblance. I'll try to get that boobie-feeling video posted soon.

Travis - I thank you and ONJ thanks you.

Dale - It is quite hilarious. The headphones go on and -boom- she starts singing.

Pistols - She just wants to make sure you're relaxed before she gets all physical on you.

Zed said...

Go ahead, Beckeye--I dare you. :)

Slave to the dogs said...

I wanted to be ONJ when I was 7. I totally remember this song and video.

Chancelucky said...

I still remember ONJ appearing as a guest judge during American IDol auditions when Carole Bayer Sager stepped out of the room for some odd reason. Just seemed strange, how could someone who didn't really sing that well judge a singing show? Then Paula Abdul started talking and I went "Oh, I get it."

Tootsie said...

I'm surprised they didn't have Slow Down Jackson on video....oh wait, I think I still have a not so famous girl singing that on tape.....wonder if I can post that on YouTube?

LoraLoo said...

I have all kinds of ONJ on vinyl. When I was a kid, I idolized her! I could say this is one of my favorite songs, but that would fall in line with like 20 others...


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