Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Forgotten Classic Video(s) of the Week

Since I spaced yet again on the classic vid last week, here's a nice Christmas two-fer for all you nice girls and boys.

First up is The Ramones with "Merry Christmas (I Don't Want to Fight Tonight)". You'll probably wanna turn it off at around 2:34 when the song actually ends. The video inexplicably continues on for nearly a minute further and features two of the most annoying people I've ever laid ears on. The woman is like some horrible mutation made from Joy Behar and Fran Drescher's DNA, and the dude is like 1/3 Martin Short, 1/3 Mike Meyers, and 1/3 someone so unlikable and unfunny that he cancels out any of the goodness of the other 2/3.

And now it's time for a "Reggae Christmas," mon, courtesy of Bryan Adams. This isn't one of my favorite holiday songs, but I have a real soft spot for the video because it was filmed back when the M in MTV actually meant something, and it features Pee-Wee Herman. Every Christmas, this song pops into my head and I immediately write it off as stupid. But then when I hear it again and realize how catchy it actually is, I'm forced to reconsider my stance on it. I guess it's not really a bad song; I think what kills it is that it's being sung by Bryan Adams. Not that I really have anything against Big Bry, it's just that there aren't many people less qualified to sing a reggae song. I think only Anne Murray and that guy from Five For Fighting are below Adams on that list.

I wonder if any of those Mr. T dolls are available on eBay? If anyone's thinking of getting me a gift, maybe you could look into that.

And now that you're done singing, dancing, prancing, and blitzening...

Stop being naughty, and just go vote for me already for Blogger of the Year! I pity the fool who don't vote for me! All those other bloggers got nothin' but jibber jabber!

And don't forget to vote for your favorite Firecrotch, too. But if you only have time to vote in one election...well, hell, blow that stupid Firecrotch thing off.


RAHM said...

I also like that song of Brian Adams, it's funny, perhaps Adams isn't the best artist to sing it, but it sounds good, I think the song is 20 years old?

Anonymous said...

I'm a big BA fan but I don't know exactly HOW a Canadian got tagged to do a Reggae song.


pistols at dawn said...

That's not the version of the Ramones song I have, which is weird, since I wouldn't think I'd be able to differentiate two of their songs, let alone two versions of the same song. Still, this and Fear's "Eff Christmas" are about the only punk rock Christmas tunes I can think of (although TVTV$'s "Daddy Drank the Christmas Money Again" isn't bad).

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Becks-what exactly IS a Firecrotch?
Would it be ok if I said, I'm just askin'.

SkylersDad said...

Thanks for those tasty vids Beckeye, and if you are narrowing your search to only Canadians who are less qualified for a Reggae song, I nominate Lorne Greene.

Anonymous said...

What a way to ruin (ru-een' as Stewie would say) the Christmas season for me. Who knows reggae better than a white guy from Ontario, Canada?

Bubs said...

I've never seen that Ramones video before! Thank you for the wonderful Christmas gift!

CDP said...

I think the Pogues did a Christmas song too, or maybe it was just Kirsty MacColl.

Gifted Typist said...

Ah the Ramones - they're the Bing Crosby's of Christmas punk

Mike said...

just to let you know. I voted for ya!

Dale said...

I voted early for you, you could never be forgotten but you are a classic!


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