Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This One's for My Girl, Paula

Since last night's Idol premiere was excruciatingly boring, I've decided to liven things up with the Unofficial Season 8 Drinking Game. I hope you'll all play along at home. I'll leave out the obvious things like taking a shot every time Randy says "dawg." The idea is to get drunk, not end up a vegetable.

Take a sip every time:

  • Simon rolls his eyes
  • Randy mentions his stint with Journey
  • Anyone says "pitchy"
  • Any contestant dedicates a song to someone who died
Take a shot every time:
  • Simon rubs his nipples
  • A contestant back-sasses Simon
  • Kara calls someone "sweetie"
  • Paula uses the phrase "in the pocket"
  • Randy reminds everyone that he knows Mariah Carey
  • Ryan and Simon have some type of homoerotically-charged exchange
  • You hear that House is about to face the toughest case of his career
Chug a beer if:
  • Paula makes a clear, valid point


SkylersDad said...

I think putting pitchy in there is probably as coma inducing as dawg.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

For the first time in...however the hell long it's been on...I'm suddenly interested in watching.

Sparky Duck said...

This show does need a drinking game right now

Falwless said...

I gotta admit I laughed aloud at the "You hear that House is about to face the toughest case of his career."

Goddamn that show has a commercial every 48 seconds. Jesus, give it a rest, Fox.

Falwless said...

By the way, I'm already totally crushing on Mr. My Wife Is Dead. Otherwise known as Danny Gokey. Yum.

words words words said...

I would play this game with any of you. Just because I'm a nitpicker though, I'd replace "pitchy" with "false". I don't want to throw up in your living room.

I, like Fal, laughed out loud at the House joke. I still love that show, though.

Lastly, as the blog homes of the Eagles and Steelers, our blogs need to have a bet if this weekend's games go how I expect them to. Yeeeeaaaah!

BeckEye said...

Pitchy isn't said as frequently as it used to be, folks. And, anyway, you only have to take a SIP when they say it, so you should remain conscious for the entirety of the show.

Gwen said...

I got a little tipsy just reading the rules.

Fal: I am also crushing on Wife is Dead guy. He is adorable and nerdy - otherwise known as PERFECT!

Anonymous said...

Laughing my booty off, Beckeye. If I drank, I'd SOOO be playing this game with you! In Houston of course, so it would be a nationally played game. :)

Oh, and I want to add another one to "chugging a beer" category, because let's face it... otherwise, no one will be chugging.
Chug a beer (or coke in my case) every time a contestant has miraculously recovered from some life-threatening ordeal and you want them to do well sooooo bad. But they do not. At all.

Gifted Typist said...

Jaysusbeckeyeee, Umgettin' shrunk jussssslookin atthat contesssss.


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