Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jeremy!

Let's all wish a very happy 35th to Jeremy Sisto. And he looks very happy in this picture, so I guess he's finally over his demotion from my long-time #3 Man to Sexy Understudy #8.

Here's to his remaining years on my hot list!


red said...

"Sail away. Sail away-hey-hey, sail away."

Anonymous said...

He'll always be on my list. He may have gained a bit of weight, but it doesn't matter. He's still got that smile, and he's just so talented, which is just hot in itself. I still find him sexier now than in his Elton days.

rebecca said...

He'll always be hot to me...love those scruffy men that aren't pretty boys...

Penny said...

uh oh...moving down..

Beth said...

I recently saw the movie "Bongwawter" on cable with Jeremy. He played a gay character and was rocking the Mike Mills look — and dating Andy Dick's character.


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