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American Idol 9: 5/5/10 Results

Time again for the American Idol variety hour, where the voting results are just an afterthought.

Oh, joy. The group sing is back this week, and it's a Sinatra medley, natch. It starts out as a Vegas revue, with the four dudes sort of dorkily introducing the big, female star (Crystal). Actually, this group sing is the least offensive one so far this season, and I was expecting quite the opposite. I think these group numbers get better as the number of contestants gets smaller. Plus, it's not hard to sound good when you're pre-recorded. Seriously, Casey and Lee sound like different people.

More joy comes in the form of yet another cornball Ford commercial. All I got from this is that someone else made another song about counting.

Now the Idols talk about how different their Tuesdays are now that they're on AI. Crystal is no longer waist deep in poopy diapers! Michael doesn't have to force people to lift weights! Casey can't sleep until dinner time! Lee doesn't have to work at the paint store! Aaron says, "Homework? SCREW HOMEWORK!" Oh, these Idols.

We also get a peek at the fake judges who fill in for the real deals during the performance night rehearsals. Ryan warns Randy to watch out so that Fake Randy doesn't steal his job. Come on, Ryan. Kara is first in line for replacement.

Want some results? Oh, Ryan's got our results. And he's gonna give them to us right now. Lee, you're safe. OK, that's enough resultin' for now. Seacrest needs a rest.

For some strange reason, Lady Gaga is performing during Sinatra Week. She is dressed like some sort of Batman villain, surrounded by scantily-clad men. There is drama in the air. She begins at the piano with a small "Bad Romance" interlude before launching into "Alejandro." At first I thought that Gaga was, like, the worst lip syncher ever, but now I realize that the stupid audio is behind again. (Dear Comcast, you suck. Love, me.) However, I'm not completely convinced that Gaga isn't lip synching. If she's not, she sounds really good considering all the writhing around she's doing. If she is, well, that's a little disappointing. And although most people would probably find this performance over the top, I think it feels a bit reserved by Gaga's standards. Am I wrong on this?

Time for some behind the scenes fun with Harry Connick, Jr. He cracks a lot of jokes and lets the judges know that "pitchy" is not a word. He does not fly us to the moon by flapping his ears, but I'm sure he could if he wanted to. (Look, I think the guy is pretty adorable, not to mention talented and hilarious, but there's no denying those are some Prince Charles-sized head flaps. I have to pick on him for something since he's got a pretty sweet life and is married to a supermodel.)

Now, since Junior's got a new album to promote, he performs his cover of The Beatles' "And I Love Her." Nice. But don't go anywhere yet, Harry! Tell us about the time you met Mr. Sinatra! (It's actually a pretty humorous story. But that's because Harry is a funny dude.) And oh, hey, here's a brilliant idea! Let's have another group sing! YAY! Again, I begrudgingly admit that the group sing isn't too shabby. This time Harry accompanies the kids on a medley of his songs. Or does he? Because no way they're singing this live. I guess that doesn't mean he couldn't still be piano-ing live.

Back to the results. Crystal and Casey are in Group 1 and Michael and Aaron are in Group 2. Ryan starts to ask Lee if he wants to guess who the Bottom 2 are and the audience starts audibly groaning. So, Ryan asks if Lee would pick if he were asked (totally hypothetically!) and, of course, Lee says no. Not that it takes a rocket scientist (which Lee clearly is not) to figure out that Michael and Aaron are the Bottom 2.

And it's not really that shocking to see young Aaron get the boot. Especially because I predicted that it would be Casey. But that's just how my season's going.

Bye, Aaron. You seem like a nice kid but I expect to see you never again. (Well, after the Finale, that is.)

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PS. Don't forget to enter this month's caption contest. Aaron would have wanted you to.


Candy's daily Dandy said...

harry Connick...HOT...I'm thinking he's going to replace Simon as a judge...too nice? No?

SkylersDad said...

I love Harry, he seems like the only mentor to actually be doin' some mentorin', to keep with your style I love so much.

Flannery Alden said...

Candy! I thought the very same thing...

Heff said...

Heff called it !!!

Kristi Mantoni said...

I think Lady Gaga does a lip-synch/live singing combo. Sometimes it sounded like there were two of her singing. I still love her!

ComcastCares1 said...

Sad to see Aaron go. He is a good singer and I wished he could've stayed on AI a little longer.

Lady Gaga may have lip-synched some of her performances, but she is still a great performer.

Anyway, I work for Comcast and I read about the sound being delayed. I can reach out to my regional contacts to look into this. You can send the phone number on your Comcast account and a link to this page if you would like me to look into this for you. :)

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Yeah, that kid was getting by on being a nice, harmless little choir boy for far, far too long. Nice kid, but he's got to go. May he and Justin Beber testicle scissor each other in the back of a van on Skid Row . . .

bloody awful poetry said...

I watched just so I could look at Harry Connick Jr. And YES he should so totally replace Simon as judge!


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