Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pac-Man, You Little Son of a Bitch

I'm sure by now you've seen the really cool interactive Google doodle in honor of Pac-Man's birthday. The little yellow glutton officially turns 30 tomorrow. While the doodle is "really cool," it's also reminded me of how much I always hated that game because I SUCK at it. I don't think I ever got further than the 3rd (peach) level, even way back when I was little and my fingers were more nimble.

Obviously, if I was never good at the game using a joystick, I'm not going to be any better on a version on which I have to use my keyboard arrow keys, right? But I tried anyway. It was rather frustrating, but there was one payoff: realizing just how many swear words are in my arsenal, and being extremely impressed.

Here is me dying on the second level with only a few pellets left. Damn bastard ghost pieces of shit.
My game was always Centipede. I haven't been able to find any info on its exact release date but it was some time in 1980, so it will also be turning 30 this year. Hopefully, Google will honor it as well, but Centipede isn't worth playing unless it's the real deal with the trackball. That trackball is my bitch.

Since I don't have the technology, money, time, or level of nerdiness and/or interest to create my own interactive doodles, I'm going to honor these great games by posting a couple of ridiculous songs by Buckner & Garcia.

Everyone remembers "Pac-Man Fever," right? I had the 45. I'm not sure why.

Now, THIS is the 45 I wish I'd had. Somehow, Centipede lover that I was, I never heard this song, "Ode to a Centipede." I'm so glad I found it now. It is gloriously cheesy. If Styx had decided to do another horrible concept album after Kilroy Was Here, this would have been that record's "Mr. Roboto."


Victoria said...

I'm pissed because this made me realize that my down arrow key is broken on my keyboard...Damn you Google! And Pac-Man!

Scope said...

That Centipede song is chock-a-block full of awesome.

My Best Man, T-Bone has a full sized Centipede arcaded game at is house. Actually, it belongs to his wife. She is the Ace.

elaine said...

I could have sworn that I had Pac-Man Fever on 45, but I just looked in my vinyl collection and could not find it. Maybe it was my sister's. Was there a Donkey Kong song on side B? I always sucked at all of those games. Qbert was the worst. I had an an Atari Gemini system, and the only games I was really good at were Pong and Duck Gallery.

Scott said...

I sucked at Pac Man too, and I hated it, because no matter what you did, the ghosts were ALWAYS coming after you! There was never a break! I couldn't handle the stress.

J.J. said...

I tried the Google Pac-Man...and quit after 30 seconds. I sucked monkey balls!

And trackballs ROCK!

gennifer6 said...

I was always so good at Pac-Man but my God, has my coordination become screwed up/"special" as an adult. I arrowed myself right into the ghosts a couple times on the Google game.

Dale said...

You have to practice with joysticks often if you want to stay in the game Beckeye! We're still talking about videogames right?

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